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10 Exercises To Reduce Arm Fat

Discussion in 'Physical Therapy' started by Egyptian Doctor, Oct 13, 2013.

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    Push Ups This is one of the best exercises that not only focuses on your arms, but also on the upper body. Close grip push ups will work on shoulders, arms and chest.

    Triceps Dips It is a very effective arm exercise that tones the back of your arms. Place a chair behind and bend down (90 degrees angle at your elbows) leaning your hands beside the chair for support. When you bend down on the floor the legs will be straight. Pull up and down like push ups. This exercise will work on the arm muscles that will stretch due to the pull.

    Triceps Press Stand straight and hold dumbbells on both the hands. Now lift the hands about 3 to5 lbs over your head and then bend them backwards so that it ends up behind your head. Slowly come back to a normal position after 10 seconds and repeat it 10 times.

    Biceps Curls This arm exercise burns fat deposits and shapes them effectively. You need to stand straight and hold dumbbells in the palms. Bend them till the elbows, hold it and then relax. Repeat again.

    Diagonal Raises Even your shoulders help tone the upper body and shape them. For slim and toned arms, you also need to work on chest and shoulders. Try this exercise to reduce arm and shoulder fat.

    Triceps Kickback This arm exercise works on the fat deposits that have accumulated on the back of the arms. Bend forward and rest your left hand on a chair. Hold a dumbbell on the right hand and lift it at 90 degrees angle at your elbows. Pull the dumbbells backward up and down.

    Dumbbell Bent Over Reverse Flys
    This exercise tones your arms, shoulders and back. Stand straight or lie on the gym ball, and spread your feet at shoulder's width. Bend forward making your torso almost parallel to the floor. Hold dumbbells in each hand and spread them wide apart like you are flying.

    Moving Plank
    It is a simple exercise that tones the arms and reduces fat from the region. Get into the plank position and move your arms along with body ahead one by one.

    Upright Row
    This arm exercise works on upper back, shoulders and biceps. Stand straight and balance your body weight on feet a little wide apart. Now hold dumbbells on each hand and bring them up till the shoulder level. Lower and repeat again.

    Chest Press On Ball
    This arm exercises focuses on triceps, shoulders, chest, core muscles, glutes and legs. Lie on the ball with eyes facing the wall and your lower body is supported by the legs on the floor. In this bridge position, bend your elbows, bring the weights to your chest. Pull it up straight and relax. Repeat again.



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