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10 Habits That Steal Your Health

Discussion in 'Hospital' started by Egyptian Doctor, Nov 16, 2013.

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    1. Lack of sleep. Sleep deprivation leads to physical and mental health problems. The stress response and fatigue the next day contribute to bad food choices and lack of exercise. Sleep deprivation leads to reduced performance, increased risk for accidents and death, and detrimental effects on both psychological and physical health.

    2. Avoiding the dentist. It’s about the gums. Oral health and systemic health are closely related. Periodontal disease (gum disease) increases your risk of cardiovascular disease and provides a source of chronic inflammation and infection. Trust me: bad teeth equals bad health.

    3. Soda and sweetened beverages. Drinking soft drinks and other sweetened beverages is a major source of added refined sugar in the diet. Sugar-sweetened beverages and fruit juices are associated with an increased risk of weight gain in healthy adult men and women.

    4. Not taking your meds. Medication non-compliance results in hospitalizations and is an independent risk factor for increased mortality in diabetics. The cost and hassle of refills is real but don’t skip your meds. Generic options and discount cards can help.

    5. Sitting. Worldwide, one in five adults is physically inactive. Sedentary behavior is associated with increased mortality and just a 10 percent reduction in inactivity could avert 533,000 deaths every year. Move.

    6. Sunburns and too much sun. Melanoma, basal cell carcinomas and cutaneous squamous cell cancers are on the rise in a big way. Skin cancer is caused by sun exposure and sunburn and in fact, the damaging effects of the sun build up over time. Hats and sunscreen folks.

    7. Tooth-grinding. Bruxism is the habit of clenching and grinding teeth. This can lead to dental problems like cracked teeth along with TMJ problems and headaches. Your dentist can help you out here but sorting out and treating your underlying anxiety is your path to cure. This you can fix.

    8. Artificial sweeteners. Aspartame and Saccharin have long been clouded by reports of cancer risk. I can’t tell you they for sure cause cancer, but questions have been raised in their relationship to bladder and brain cancer and who knows what else. If you can avoid them, do.

    9. Bad shoes. Diabetic foot ulcers from corns and callouses, bunions, running injuries and plantar fasciitis are just a few of the issues you may have with ill-fitting or unsupportive shoes. Any shoe that gives you aching pain the next day or rubs on the wrong areas is not a shoe for you. Ladies this is hard, I know.

    10. Late night eating. Eating meals or snacks late at night contributes to weight gain and may contribute to insulin resistance and pre-diabetes. Eating your dinner early in the night is a change you can make.



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