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10 Reasons To Be A Pediatrician

Discussion in 'Pediatrics' started by Egyptian Doctor, Nov 6, 2013.

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    This article was written by Dr.Jeremy who is a successful pediatrician in USA , he is satisfied with choosing pediatric medicine as a specialty and he describe here top 10 reasons to be a pediatrician.

    1. I am able to follow a child from birth to adulthood. Being able to follow the growth and development of my patients from baby years to adulthood is probably my greatest joy. Watching them grow from these tiny little entities where eating, sleeping and pooping (and peeing) are all that matters until young adulthood where their goals may include making the world a better place to live in is such a rewarding thing for me to witness.

    2. I get to have amazing conversations. This includes cooing contests with 2 month-olds to discussing favorite rides at Disneyland with 6 year-olds to having in depth conversations about the life and the curve balls thrown our way with high school students are things I get to do on a daily basis. And I enjoy each and every one of them the same.

    3. I work with great people. Typically, anyone who likes to work with children has a great attitude and outlook on life because one realizes it’s about the children. My office... no exception.

    4. I become part of the family. Over time I really feel like I become part of the patient’s extended family. This often gives my well-child-care visits a sense of catching up on life, just like we do with relatives and friends who live many miles away.

    5. I watch the parents mature. Not only is it the patients who develop and mature, but the parents do as well. I thoroughly enjoy witnessing first time moms and dads so tentative and unsure develop into such confident and experienced parents.
    6. I get to meet so many interesting people. Sure, I enjoy conversations with people of similar interests to me, but I’m also fascinated by those who chose a completely different path in life. It’s a reminder each and everyone one of us is unique.

    7. I have an impact on the lives of so many. Yes, I try to impress upon my patients the significance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle but I also try to slip in the importance of living by the code of “doing the right thing” as well. Not an easy thing to do with someone my age but with a 10-year-old, you still have a chance of leaving that type of an impression.

    8. I get to do other things as well. Being a pediatrician has allowed me to use another part of my brain as well... including writing and blogging over the past few years.

    9. I get to teach. Practicing medicine in a large urban area with many training programs allows me the opportunity to teach what I’ve learned and pass it on to those just beginning or exploring the field of medicine.

    10. I remain useful in my own household. Obviously, I’m being a bit sarcastic here but until my last child heads off for college, I do feel relevant for the next 14 years. Although, I’m sure my kids at this point may think differently.



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