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10 Routine Changes To Keep You Happy All Winter

Discussion in 'Psychiatry' started by Egyptian Doctor, Oct 21, 2013.

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    Rethink your supplements

    In the winter your body has different nutritional needs so it's worth looking at any supplements you're taking to check those needs are being met, if your diet doesn't cover all bases.

    Vitamin D is recommended as hours of sunlight deminish, plus vitamin C and zinc to ward off colds. Now may also be a good time to start taking echinacea. Look for the the most effective form, echinacea purpurea.

    Change your sleeping pattern

    Messing around with your sleep isn't generally recommended but if you're waking up feeling groggy, it could be because your alarm is going off when you're in a deep sleep phase. Getting up a little earlier might actually make you feel more alert.

    We sleep in cycles of around 90 minutes so try setting the alarm for 60 or 30 minutes before you usually get up and see how you feel. This does mean getting to bed to ensure

    Have a wardrobe clear

    One reason many of us look forward to chilly days is the arrival of the new fashion season. Boots and chunky knits are back on the menu but before you go rushing to the shops, do a wardrobe audit first. Invite a friend over to help and go through your clothes, throwing out anything that doesn't fit, that you never wear or that doesn't feel 'you'. There's a good chance you'll find items you forgot you owned and there'll be no

    Mix up your breakfast

    The move into autumn and winter is the perfect time to rethink your morning routine. It's easy to get stuck in a breakfast rut when you're short of time in the morning, but trying some different food options will make you more likely to get up without hitting snooze and varying what you eat will give you more essential vitamins and minerals.

    Get creative

    With Christmas on the horizon and the chill air making home look far more inviting than the pub, getting crafty is the perfect project for autumn. Being creative is a top mood booster so try taking up a new creative skill such as knitting or painting. Even if your finished product isn't good enough to give as a present, it's still a productive way to cheer yourself up on dark evenings.

    Stop being SAD

    Even with Christmas on the horizon, it's the season we experience Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). One reason for this is the decrease in daylight so if you're feeling down, try a light lamp. You can get alarm clocks that wake you up slowly with increasing light, or portable and desk lamps to give you a light boost when you need it.

    Change your workout

    We all know it's hard to get up for that early morning run before the sun gets up, or head to the gym in the dark after work. But changing your workout can give you the drive to stay healthy and active all season.

    Boxing, dance and spinning classes are great alternatives to running if you want to move indoors, while Bikram yoga will give you 90 minutes of tropical heat and British Military Fitness run classes all year round.

    Think positive

    Yes, it's stating the flipping obvious, but it's harder to put into practice than you'd think. Framing issues and questions in a positive way not only makes them easier to cope with, but has also been found to improve immunity - a great boost in the winter time. Learning to think more positively is a skill that needs practising, so to begin with, when you notice yourself being negative, try to rethink it a more upbeat way.

    Don't forget your friends

    The grey skies of winter and the need for copious layers make it easier to turn down invites and huddle at home in your onesie. But getting out and seeing friends is vital to staying on top of things when it's cold so make the effort to socialise.

    Keep warm

    Being cold all the time is no fun, but with energy bills rocketing, it's not always easy to stay snug as temperatures plummet. Layer up for the weather, exercise even if you don't want to, stock up on herbal teas and get an electric blanket.



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