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10 Signs You Should Marry A Female Doctor

Discussion in 'Medical Students Cafe' started by DrMaheenZehra, Sep 2, 2019.


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  1. DrMaheenZehra

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    Sep 1, 2019
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    1) Doctors are Certified Geniuses:

    It’s globally unanimously agreed upon that doctors are geniuses. They go through a tedious process of gazillions of exams that test their knowledge and so who wouldn’t want to marry a woman who’s a genius?

    2) Undying Love for you:

    When a doctor will fall for you, she will love you so profoundly that you’ll never regret marrying her. This is because she has seen how fragile life is and she will value you as her husband.

    3) Doctors know how to multitask like a pro and manage stress:

    Doctors can manage stress because it’s precisely what they’ve been doing all their lives (apart from, ofcourse gaining knowledge). Imagine having a wife who manages work and home equally well. Feels good?

    4) Free Checkups for you and your family:

    If you don’t have health insurance, having a doctor wife can be pretty much of relief since you can get yourself checked by your wifey. Plus, free medical advicessss!

    5) Doctors are Financially Independent:

    Apart from being financially independent, they can even add to the total income of the house, thus bringing supplementary income.

    6) High IQ and EQ:

    The umpteen number of years of training makes a doctor emotionally so sound that a doctor wife will eventually develop empathy and will understand you when you’re facing a shortcoming in your life. Or when you’re just acting out.

    7) Doctors know when to take action:

    All those days and nights of Emergency calls, deciding if a patient needs C-Section or not come in handy when your doctor wife takes a suitable action for your or your family while you are away.(or comatose)

    8) Broader Horizons and open to accept changes in life:

    Doctors are taught to always think on a broader perspective. Why is a patient being so aggressive could mean schizophrenia to anaemia to them. Hence living with a woman who thinks differently could be exciting.

    9) The Due Space:

    When you’re marrying a lady doctor who does her job, you wouldn’t complain of your wife being too clingy to suffocate you, most probably because she wouldn’t have time for that. She would most likely give you the due space.

    10) High Self Esteem:

    The charm and grace of wearing a doctor coat certainly raises a woman’s self-esteem. So if a doctor woman says yes to you or falls in love with you, you’re certainly a lucky guy.


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