10 Things To Expect While Still In Medical School

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    1. You will be called THE DOCTOR in every occasion around people close to you

    They are very excited that you are finally becoming a doctor, and they wont wait for the graduation day. They will start calling you so now, and they will change your name on their phones into Dr. XXX

    2. Everyone you know will call you when they are sick

    They will assume that once you are in school, you must know enough to diagnose and treat them.

    3. Your friends and family will treat you as another special creature.

    They think medical doctors must change their personalities to adapt to the new career!

    4. People will expect you would know everything, you are a doctor!

    There is an assumption that says, doctors know it all, they must be medical experts, smart, good with history, math, politics and philosophy!

    5. Professors will expect that you will do nothing but studying

    Your professors want you to become a studying machine, and you don’t have an excuse.

    6. You will get disappointed with the professors

    They will not act as keen as you expect, and they have their problems as any other employees.

    7. Your first visit to the dissection room could turn into a nightmare

    According to your character and your abilities, some people don’t have the gut to see a preserved human body and others will act normally.

    8. People will expect you will act in a special manner socially

    They think doctors must be special ones just because their job is to treat people.

    9. People will expect that you must be wise

    Historically, people think doctors are wise and charismatic and you can’t be that cool doctor who is fun and outgoing out of the working hours

    10. You don’t have time for yourself

    They will assume that you don’t have a personal life and you don’t need time to have fun. They would call you in the middle of the night and expect you to respond.


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