10 Ways To Prevent Itching After Shaving

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    1- Exfoliate the skin every day while bathing. This removes dead skin cells and prevents itching and skin irritation post shaving.

    2- Change your razor. This is very important skin hygiene tip to prevent itching or razor burns after shaving.

    3- Take a cold water shower if you have shaved your pelvic area, legs, hands, pubic hair or bikini line. If you have shaved your beard, rub an ice cube or press the skin with a cold compress for around 5 minutes. This also prevents razor burns, redness and bumps.

    4- Take a break if you suffer from itching after shaving. Let the hair grow for few days. Constant shaving also leads to itching and skin irritation. Do not shave till the razor burns and itching stops.

    5- Always keep the skin moisturised. Dry skin leads to itching. So after shaving, make sure you always moisturise the skin.

    6- Avoid hot water showers. Hot water takes away moisture from the skin and makes it dry. This leads to itching. To prevent this skin problem after shaving, do not bathe in hot water. Use warm water instead.

    7- Massage your skin with aloe vera gel or extract. Aloe vera is one effective home remedy to prevent itching and razor burns after shaving.

    8- Always shave after hydrating the skin. Wash your skin with water. This hydrates the skin, makes it easy to shave and also prevents the skin form becoming dry and itchy.

    9- Shave in the direction of the hair growth. This reduces the chances of having excessive growth that too haphazardly.

    10- Do not go out in the sun without applying any sun screen lotion.



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