10 Weight Loss Exercises You Can Do At Home

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    Step Ups

    You don't need a stepper to do this exercise. We all have steps inside or outside out homes. All you have to do is step up and step down on the count.


    Squats are usually done without any equipments. Place your hand on your head and slowly lower yourself into a sitting position. Get up quickly without taking any balancing support from your hands.


    Crunches are the best exercises to burn belly fat. Lie flat on a floor mat. Place you hands behind your head and slowly pull yourself up without taking support. You must lift yourself from your waist and then go back to the sleeping position.

    Push Ups

    Lie flat on your tummy. Lift yourself on your arms and toes. Now bring your nose down to touch the ground and pull yourself back again. This a good exercise for your arms and your chest.

    Spot Jogging

    Cardio exercises are very important for weight loss. Even if you do not have a treadmill at home, you can still do cardios. Choose an uncluttered spot in your hall and start jogging on the spot. You will not leave that spot but go through the motions of jogging.


    Dancing is one of the best weight loss exercises that work on your entire body. You can move the furniture in your drawing room to one side, put on some peppy music and dance to your heart's content.

    Jumping Jack

    The childhood game of jumping jack can actually be a weight loss exercise for you now. Pick a place that is not cluttered and start jumping there. While you jump, raise your legs horizontally and clap your hands above your head.


    Skipping with a rope is again a childhood pass-time and also a game. You can do skipping in your balcony, garden or terrace.

    Dips Dips

    are easy to do if you have a small stool for support. Place your legs at high point (on a stool or the sofa) and support yourself on the ground with your hands. Now take 'dips' towards the ground and raise yourself up again.


    This may seem easy but it is one of the best exercises for weight loss. Lie flat on your tummy. Slowly raise yourself on your hands and toes. Now hang like that in mid air for as long as you can. It works on tightening the muscles in your body.



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