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100 Simple Ways to Lose Weight

Discussion in 'Dietetics' started by Egyptian Doctor, Mar 24, 2013.

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    1. Walk to work.
    2. Use fat-free milk over whole milk.
    3. Do sit-ups in front of the TV.
    4. Walk during lunch hour.
    5. Drink water before a meal.
    6. Eat leaner red meat and poultry.
    7. Eat half your dessert.
    8. Walk instead of driving whenever you can.
    9. Take a family walk after dinner.
    10. Skate to work instead of driving.
    11. Avoid food portions larger than your fist.
    12. Mow lawn with push mower.
    13. Increase the fiber in your diet.
    14. Walk to your place of worship instead of driving.
    15. Walk kids to school.
    16. Get a dog and walk it.
    17. Join an exercise group.
    18. Drink diet soda.
    19. Replace Sunday drive with Sunday walk.
    20. Do yard work.
    21. Eat off smaller plates.
    22. Get off a stop early and walk.
    23. Don't eat late at night.
    24. Skip seconds.
    25. Work around the house.
    26. Skip buffets.
    27. Grill, steam or bake instead of frying.
    28. Bicycle to the store instead of driving.
    29. Take dog to the park.
    30. Ask your doctor about taking a multi-vitamin.
    31. Go for a half-hour walk instead of watching TV.
    32. Use vegetable oils over solid fats.
    33. More carrots, less cake.
    34. Fetch the newspaper yourself.
    35. Sit up straight at work.
    36. Wash the car by hand.
    37. Don't skip meals.
    38. Eat more celery sticks.
    39. Run when running errands.
    40. Pace the sidelines at kids' athletic games.
    41. Take wheels off luggage.
    42. Choose an activity that fits into your daily life.
    43. Park further from the store and walk.
    44. Ask a friend to exercise with you.
    45. Make time in your day for physical activity.
    46. Exercise with a video if the weather is bad.
    47. Bike to the barbershop or beauty salon instead of driving.
    48. Keep to a regular eating schedule.
    49. If you find it difficult to be active after work, try it before work.
    50. Take a walk or do desk exercises instead of a cigarette or coffee break.
    51. Perform gardening or home repair activities.
    52. Avoid laborsaving devices.
    53. Take small trips on foot to get your body moving.
    54. Play with your kids 30 minutes a day.
    55. Dance to music.
    56. Keep a pair of comfortable walking or running shoes in your car and office.
    57. Make a Saturday morning walk a group habit.
    58. Walk briskly in the mall.
    59. Choose activities you enjoy and you'll be more likely to stick with them.
    60. Stretch before bed to give you more energy when you wake.
    61. Take the long way to the water cooler.
    62. Explore new physical activities.
    63. Vary your activities, for interest and to broaden the range of benefits.
    64. Reward and acknowledge your efforts.
    65. Choose fruit for dessert.
    66. Consume alcoholic beverages in moderation, if at all.
    67. Take stairs instead of the escalator.
    68. Conduct an inventory of your meal/snack and physical activity patterns.
    69. Share an entree with a friend.
    70. Grill fruits or vegetables.
    71. Eat before grocery shopping.
    72. Choose a checkout line without a candy display.
    73. Make a grocery list before you shop.
    74. Buy 100 percent fruit juices over soda and sugary drinks.
    75. Swim with your kids.
    76. Flavor foods with herbs, spices, and other low-fat seasonings.
    77. Remove skin from poultry before cooking to lower fat content.
    78. Eat before you get too hungry.
    79. Don't skip breakfast.
    80. Stop eating when you are full.
    81. Snack on fruits and vegetables.
    82. Top your favorite cereal with apples or bananas.
    83. Try brown rice or whole-wheat pasta.
    84. Include several servings of whole grain food daily.
    85. When eating out, choose a small or medium portion.
    86. If main dishes are too big, choose an appetizer or a side dish instead.
    87. Ask for salad dressing "on the side".
    88. Don't take seconds.
    89. Try your burger with just lettuce, tomato and onion.
    90. Try a green salad instead of fries.
    91. Bake or broil fish.
    92. Walk instead of sitting around.
    93. Eat sweet foods in small amounts.
    94. Take your dog on longer walks.
    95. Drink lots of water.
    96. Cut back on added fats or oils in cooking or spreads.
    97. Walk the beach instead of sunbathing.
    98. Walk to a co-worker's desk instead of emailing or calling them.
    99. Carry your groceries instead of pushing a cart.
    100. Use a snow shovel instead of a snow blower.



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    If you want to gain weight, just do the opposite. :D

    1. Don't Walk to work.
    2. Use fat milk over whole milk.
    3. Don't move in front of the TV.
    4. Don't move during lunch hour.
    5. Drink Coca-Cola or Pepsi before a meal.
    6. Eat more fatty red meat and poultry.
    7. Eat two desserts.
    8. Drive instead of walking whenever you can.
    9. Take a family dinner after dinner.
    10. Stop working at all.
    11. Avoid food portions smaller than your fist.
    12. Don't Mow lawn, let someone else do it.
    13. Don't do a diet.
    14. Better don't walk to your place of worship instead of driving.
    15. Drive kids to school.
    16. Get a dog and let him bring you food.
    17. Join a cooking group.
    18. Drink more Beer.
    ...and so on

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