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11 Unbeatable Tips On How To Study Anatomy For Medical School

Discussion in 'Medical Students Cafe' started by Anaso Emmanuel, May 19, 2021.

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    Reading anatomy is different from studying it for medical school. Although you might be enthusiastic about learning anatomy, but you need to put in measures to read anatomy so that you will remember them in examinations.

    Most of the problems that students face is that they usually forget what they read in anatomy. Let’s say you read the anatomy of the breast few days back and you understood it, but give it some weeks? You might find problems remembering the important things!

    Have you experienced anything like this? Then this guide will be super helpful in your anatomy study.

    Here are the 11 ways to read anatomy if you want to be successful in medical school;

    1. Study consistently; the reason you’re forgetting what you’ve read in anatomy is because you don’t study the concept consistently enough so that it’ll stick. Are you finding challenges remembering the adductor canal anatomy? Then revise it and study it as much as possible.

    2. Jump on the boat early enough; if you don’t start early, chances are that you’d be in a rush and start cramming concepts which will lead to poor memory during examinations. So start your schedule early!

    3. Use atlases: atlas give you a pictorial information of the human body. To remember anatomy very well, you should be familiar with your atlas.

    4. Use mnemonics; you know one thing about mnemonics? When you form a unique one and memorize it consistently, it becomes a part of you and makes it quite difficult for you to study the anatomy concepts you read. So start using mnemonics in different topics you are finding difficult.

    For example, here’s a mnemonic on the brachial plexus mnemonics anatomy.

    5. Jot, jot, jot: you see what I did there? Jot consistently. Keep on jotting what you’ve been reading and you’ll get better in studying anatomy.

    But that’s not all; read these 11 Unbeatable tips you need to try out to study anatomy for medical school.

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