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12 Different Types Of Primary Skin Lesions

Discussion in 'Dermatology' started by Ramsha, Feb 27, 2014.

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    1. MACULE : Macule is a change in normal skin color. It is flat and cannot be appreciated by touch with your eyes closed.

    2. PATCH: Patch is a macule which is of diameter more than 1 cm.

    3. PAPULE: Papule is a raised skin lesion with distinct borders. It may be of different shapes but less than 1 cm in size.

    4.NODULE: Nodule is a raised skin lesion with distinct borders. It is of size more than 1 cm.

    5. MACULOPAPULAR RASH: It is a kind of skin rash with both the skin color change and raised skin lesion.

    6. PLAQUE: Plaque is a solid, raised and flat-topped skin lesion greater than 1 cm in diameter.

    7. VESICLE: Vesicle is a raised skin lesion of size less than 1 cm in diameter. It is filled with clear fluid.

    8. PUSTULE: Pustule is a raised skin lesion filled with pus.

    9. BULLA: Bulla is a circumscribed skin lesion more than 1 cm in diameter filled with fluid.

    10. WHEAL: Wheal is an edema of upper epidermis. Seen in allergic skin reactions.

    11. BURROW: Burrow is a linear lesion produced by infestation of skin.

    12. TELANGIECTASIA: It is a permanent dilatation of superficial blood vessels in skin.


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