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15 of The Most Strange Addictions

Discussion in 'Psychiatry' started by Egyptian Doctor, Nov 27, 2013.

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    15. Addiction To Television:

    Diagnosing someone with this condition is a tricky business because researchers have yet to draw the exact line between normal TV watching hours and that of an addict.It is true that some people have a genuine addiction to watching television and these people have trouble falling asleep or leading normal lives because they watch so much TV!

    14. Addiction To Internet:

    Someone can be labelled with “Internet Addiction Disorder” when internet use is interfering with her/his daily life. This disorder has been associated with playing video games, online shopping, social media, adult content, and other types of entertainment that can be found online.

    Hours after hours spent online ruin internet addicts’ lives as time spent online can interfere with work, school, and personal routine. Health and physical problems like obesity, heart disease, atrophy, and repetitive stress injury are very common among internet addicts because of spending days or weeks online at a time without any real physical activity.

    13. Addiction To Ice Chewing:

    Amazed? Yes addiction to chewing the ice is real and for some people chewing ice has become such a serious addiction that they have to seek treatment. There are various theories about why people develop ice chewing addictions that range from sexual frustration to an iron deficiency in their blood. Why to take this addiction so seriously? Well it can interfere with jobs as well as social lives, and it can lead to dental problems.

    12. Addiction To Lying:

    Yes! its true that there are some people out there who are addicted to lying. They can’t control telling lies, even if they have nothing to gain from lying. There are three types of lying addicts: chronic, pathological, and compulsive liars. They all lead to serious problems ranging from disturbed relationships with family and friends to jail time.

    11. Addiction To Eating Dirt (Pica):

    People suffering from pica, a psychological disorder, have compulsion to eat things without any nutritional content. The items that are eaten by these addicts range from earthy things like dirt, mud, and clay to more hazardous things like coins and buttons. One of the major causes of pica is Anemia or iron deficiency. People with pica can get seriously sick or die from either malnutrition or swallowing dangerous items like nails and tacks.

    10. Addiction To Animal Hoarding:

    You must have heard of hoarders, but have you ever heard of animal hoarders? Animals hoarders collect lots of animals usually in their homes and they often hoard inanimate objects as well. Animal hoarders are often people who are not fit to care for themselves, much less dozens of animals and they often live in crowded living conditions that are equally unfit for both animals and humans.

    9. Addiction To modification In Body Structure:

    Pain and the aesthetics of body modifications like tattoos and piercings are very strong addictions for some people who can sometimes render their faces and bodies unrecognizable through body modifications in as little as a year.

    There is another similar addiction known as plastic surgery addiction. These addicts will spend a lot of money trying to ‘improve’ various parts of their bodies and when they start running low on cash, they even go to shady, cheap, unlicensed doctors to get their plastic surgery fix.

    8. Addiction To Shopping:

    A shopping addict is unable to hold onto any amount of money without spending it wastefully. You might have questioned its existence while seeing the MTV True Life on shopping addiction; yes, it is a real thing. In some extreme cases shopping addicts are even left homeless because they are unable to pay their rent. The things have become tougher for shopping addicts after the advent of the internet, which puts everything at their fingertips.

    7. Addiction To Music:

    How about winning the right to receive disability because of addiction to music. Well a man has won the right to receive disability in Sweden because of his addiction to heavy metal music. He has been allowed by the courts to listen to his metal music while at work and to take time off so that he can go see live heavy metal concerts.

    6. Addiction To Video Game:

    Falling for video game addiction is very common especially among adolescents and teen-agers because video games are designed and meant to be addictive and keep us playing. But when your gaming habit interferes with your daily life, and drives you to do harm to yourself or others, you should seek help because hardcore video game addicts have been driven to murder, suicide, and death by exhaustion.

    5. Addiction To Reading:

    Most of us wish that we could read more than we actually do because reading is a great way to spend some time, engaging our brain and helping us learn something in the process but on the other hand reading can actually be a crippling addiction for some people because of their constant desire to read. Reading provides an escape from the outside world, and for reading addicts, this escape is too good to let go of. Reading addicts lose sleep at night and can even lose their job because they can’t stop reading.

    4. Addiction To Social Media:

    With the advent of social media web sites like Facebook, Twitter, Tumbler etc. more and more people are becoming addicted to these web sites. Social media addicts spend so much time on these sites that it interferes with their sleep schedule and activities of daily living including their job.

    When the social media addicts cannot get access to their social media accounts for even just a few hours they start feeling anxious or sometimes even physically ill.

    3. Addiction To Sex:

    Strange? Isn’t it? But its true, sexholics are out there looking for their prey. They can commit sexual harassment, molestation, and even rape. People who have sex addiction often feel the need to have sex or please themselves constantly. They are obsessed with hooking up with large numbers of anonymous partners, which makes having any kind of real relationship impossible.

    2. Addiction To Food:

    You thought how could somebody eat after they are full? Well there are people out there who can eat themselves to death because they are addicted to food and cannot stop themselves from overeating. Mechanism of food addiction is same as that of drug addiction. It is an addiction to the pleasurable taste of the food, which is so strong that it overshadows any fear of the consequences.

    1. Addiction To Gambling:

    Normal people usually don’t like to either take financial risks or go for economic adventurism. However some people like to hit the casinos on vacation or play the lottery from time to time, but for few others gambling is a serious addiction. Some people lose their whole life savings and still can’t break the habit. To handle this addiction there are support groups, just like those of alcoholics because gambling addiction can lead to serious consequences like theft, murder, and even suicide as the result of an unshakeable gambling habit. If you can’t go a week without gambling, you might have a problem.



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