2-Year-Old Can Finally Hear For The First Time, Then She Realizes Her Mom Is Crying

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    Sometimes the most somber situations lead to inspiring and uplifting outcomes.

    This was the case for Teyana Gladden from Greenville, South Carolina.

    Having suffered through other health problems at birth, Teyana has had to endure many surgeries and procedures.

    She was born with no hearing ability in one ear and microtia in the other, and has lived her entire life only listening to muffled versions of sounds.

    At 9 months old, she received her first hearing aid, which allowed her to hear marginally — though she was still unaware of the volume of her own voice.

    But that all changed when she received her second hearing aid, which allowed her to hear even better.

    While being fitted for the bone-anchored hearing device, her mother Olga Arnold filmed her responding to the doctor as he asked her questions.

    The moment is definitely a tender one, especially for her mother, who got emotional while filming.

    Since then, Teyana has been adapting to life with her new hearing aid.

    “If we’re in the car with music on she’s starting to move to the beat because she can hear it properly for the first time. It’s really sweet,” Arnold explains to Daily Mail.

    This video is definitely worth a watch, so check it out down below — you’ll be hard-pressed not to weep when the little girl turns to comfort her mother!



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