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20 Things You'll Relate to If Your Partner Is a Doctor

Discussion in 'Doctors Cafe' started by Egyptian Doctor, May 25, 2024.

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    Living with a doctor is an adventure filled with medical jargon, unpredictable schedules, and a lot of coffee. If your partner is a doctor, you've probably learned more about the human body than you ever wanted to know, and your idea of a romantic evening might include discussing the latest medical case. Here are 20 things that will sound all too familiar if you're in love with someone who wears a white coat.

    1. The Never-Ending Pager Beeps: If your partner is a doctor, you know the constant sound of the pager all too well. It's like living with a tiny, relentless alarm clock that goes off at the most inconvenient times. Date night? Pager beeps. Movie night? Pager beeps. Romantic dinner? You guessed it—pager beeps. It’s almost like a third wheel in your relationship.

    2. The Unpredictable Schedule: Making plans with a doctor is like gambling—you never know if it’s going to work out. Spontaneous shifts, emergency calls, and unpredictable hours mean you’ve learned to live in the moment and cherish every second you get together. You've become a master at last-minute plan changes and cancellations.

    3. Medical Lingo in Everyday Conversations: Over time, you start picking up medical jargon. Terms like “stat,” “CBC,” and “code blue” become part of your vocabulary. Sometimes, you even catch yourself explaining medical conditions to friends as if you’ve got a degree yourself. Just don’t try diagnosing anyone—it’s best to leave that to the pros.

    4. Strange Hours and Late-Night Meals: Dinner at 10 PM? Breakfast at 3 AM? Welcome to the life of having a doctor partner. Their shifts can be all over the place, meaning your meal times are, too. You’ve probably become quite adept at cooking meals at odd hours or finding the best 24/7 takeout options.

    1. Scrubs Everywhere: Your home is probably filled with scrubs. They’re on the couch, in the laundry basket, and maybe even hanging on the back of chairs. You’ve become accustomed to the sight of your partner in scrubs and might even find them oddly attractive now.

    2. Hands as Smooth as Sandpaper: With all the hand washing and sanitizing, your doctor partner’s hands might feel more like sandpaper. You’ve probably invested in some high-quality hand cream and have it strategically placed around the house to remind them to moisturize.

    3. Endless Stories of the Day: Your partner comes home with stories that range from fascinating to downright bizarre. You’ve heard about miraculous recoveries, strange ailments, and funny patient anecdotes. Sometimes, you feel like you’re living in a medical drama series.

    4. Immunity to Gross Things: Over time, you develop a high tolerance for gross medical stuff. Dinner conversations can sometimes drift into detailed descriptions of bodily functions or surgical procedures, and you’ve learned to nod along without losing your appetite.

    5. The Doctor Voice: Your partner has a specific tone they use when talking to patients or discussing medical matters. It’s calm, authoritative, and somehow different from their everyday voice. You’ve grown to recognize and appreciate this “doctor voice.”

    6. Endless Studying and Conferences: Medicine is a field of constant learning. Your partner is always reading up on the latest research, attending conferences, or preparing for exams. You’ve probably picked up some interesting medical knowledge just by being around.

    7. The Power of the White Coat: There’s something about seeing your partner in their white coat that makes you proud. It’s a symbol of their hard work, dedication, and the difference they make in people’s lives. Plus, they look pretty darn good in it.

    8. Medical Dramas Are Never the Same: Watching TV shows about hospitals and doctors is a different experience now. Your partner critiques the accuracy of medical procedures, diagnoses, and hospital protocols. You’ve learned that real-life medicine is much less glamorous but much more rewarding.

    9. The Work Bag of Wonders: Your partner’s work bag is like Mary Poppins’ bag but for doctors. It’s filled with medical tools, snacks, extra scrubs, and mysterious items that you probably don’t want to know the purpose of.

    10. The Sound of Silence: When your partner finally gets a day off, sometimes all they want is peace and quiet. You’ve learned to appreciate the simple joy of doing nothing together, just enjoying each other’s company without the hustle and bustle.

    11. The Emotional Rollercoaster: Being a doctor is emotionally taxing. There are days when your partner comes home elated from saving a life and days when they’re devastated by a loss. You’ve become their rock, providing support and comfort no matter what.

    12. Always Being Prepared: With a doctor in the house, you’ve got a mini medical clinic at your disposal. First aid kits, over-the-counter meds, and expert advice are always within reach. You’ve become the go-to person for friends and family with medical questions.

    13. The Love of Learning: Your partner’s passion for medicine and continuous learning has probably rubbed off on you. You’ve developed a newfound respect for the medical profession and maybe even a curiosity about the science behind it.

    14. A Different Perspective on Health: Living with a doctor gives you a unique perspective on health and wellness. You’ve become more aware of medical issues, the importance of preventive care, and maybe even picked up some healthier habits.

    15. The “Doctor’s Bag” Myth: People often assume that since your partner is a doctor, they carry around a bag full of medical supplies everywhere. While that’s not entirely true, you’ve had to clarify that your partner isn’t on call 24/7 with a bag of medical miracles.

    16. Unwavering Pride and Admiration: Despite the challenges and the demanding nature of the job, you’re incredibly proud of your partner. Their dedication, compassion, and hard work inspire you every day. Being with a doctor means being with someone who makes a real difference in the world, and that’s something truly special.


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