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20 Tips to look Young and Healthy

Discussion in 'Dermatology' started by Egyptian Doctor, May 6, 2013.

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    Ageing is a serious problem for women who are 30 or 35 plus.. in case you are worried about your growing age, and want to avoid ageing problems like wrinkles and fine lines, check out these tips and stay young and healthy forever..

    1. Sleep

    Sleep is very important for good health and for healthy skin. If you want to attain and retain fresh and soft skin, take 6-8 hours sleep daily. Enough sleep helps to regulate your body’s metabolism and a natural way to remain young.

    2. Exercise

    Regular exercise is must to have a good health. If you do exercise daily, your body will remain active and function properly.

    3. Olives as anti aging source

    Green Olives has natural potential to fight against ageing factors, eat olives daily to look younger.

    4. Eat Fruits and vegetables

    Intake of Fruits and vegetables are directly related to our skin and health. Having enough amounts of fruits and vegetables in our diet chart will surely result to a fresh and younger skin and a healthy body.
    5. Sun block

    Sunlight damages our skin, can say an enemy of our skin and if your exposure to sun is at maximum it can result in dehydration. Our skin is more sensitive than other body parts hence it needs extra care. Apply a good sun block, according to your skin type before going out in sun and the side effects of sun as well as sun burns.

    6. Avoid Smoking

    Smoking is injurious to health. It harms the skin; according to medical researchers smoking enhances the ageing factor to 45% in smokers in comparison to non smokers. Avoid smoking and stay healthy and young.

    7. Drink Enough Water

    Take plenty of water to get fresh skin. Water helps to hydrate the skin and removes impurities from the body.

    8. Forget Stress and Stay Happy

    Stress not only impact your mental health in fact it damages overall health. Those who always remain happy and avoid stress, always look young and healthy. Plan out your day and follow the routine, avoid stress and keep your mind happy, it can enhance your longevity and freshness of skin.

    9. Take a Balance Diet

    Take a balance diet which contains all the vitamins and minerals, a balanced diet is very important, but most of us hardly plan out our menu with a balanced diet to get a healthier lifestyle.

    10. Use Natural Products For Your Skin

    Try to use natural and organic products for your skin; products which contains natural ingredients and herbs are good for skin.

    11. Vitamin E

    Vitamin E is one of the effective anti ageing agent. Enrich your daily diet chart with foods which are rich in vitamin E. Even if you use any skin care products, prefer those which are enriched with vitamin E.

    12. Vitamin A

    Use of Retinol A; a purest form of vitamin A can help to reduce wrinkles and fine lines.

    13. Benefits of Apple Juice

    Apple juice is healthy for having a fresh skin, also you can apply fresh apple juice on your skin daily; apple juice is helpful to remove fine lines and wrinkles.

    14. Use of Glycerin, Lemon juice and Rose water

    All these 3 are great for having a healthy skin, take Glycerin, lemon juice and rose water in equal amount. Mix all these and apply daily on your face, hands and neck, before going to bed at night. This solution is very effective for younger looking skin.

    15. Aloe Vera Gel

    Apply Aloe-Vera gel as a face mask on your face, neck and hands. Let it dry for 20 minutes, put the mask out and wash your face with fresh cold water. If you have dry skin then add vitamin E (oil) in the gel and mash it well before applying.

    16. Take steam Bath often

    Take steam bath at least once in a week, this will help your body to remain healthy and young.

    17. Think Positive

    Your mental health directly affects your physical health. Adopt a positive attitude towards life and think positive, it’s the way to look young and healthy.

    18. Morning Walk

    Morning walk is a must to do thing, follow it as your daily routine. Morning walk is one of the most effective to attain good health and for young and fresh skin.

    19. Carrots and Sweet Potatoes

    Carrots contain the beta-carotene, a natural ingredient that fight against wrinkles and fine lines problems of skin. Take at least one carrot daily in your diet.

    20. Yoga

    Yoga is one of the best breathing exercise , one of the best of meditation too, try some of the best yoga exercise to get fresh skin and healthy life.



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