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2019 Holiday Gift Guide For Physicians

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Mahmoud Abudeif, Dec 5, 2019.

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    What gifts would doctors appreciate most this year? Well, maybe for physicians—who can afford to buy themselves just about anything they want—the more practical the gift, the better. And since physicians have a tendency to be overworked, sleep deprived, and time-challenged, the editors at MDLinx have put together a list of gifts that may be greatly appreciated this holiday season.

    Feel free to forward this list to your friends, family, loved ones—and even your staff—as a simple and not-so-subtle hint of some great gifts Santa could bring you…if you’ve been good this year.

    For the professional you

    The perfect white coat


    For you—the consummate physician—a top-quality lab coat will appeal to both your innate sense of practicality, as well as your sense of style. To this end, Medelita presents its line of ultimate white coats, made of cutting-edge performance fabrics, with the tailoring and fit of a high-end suit. These lab coats are designed to give you optimal range of motion, as well as a slimming, ergonomic fit. The durable fabric is fluid-repellant on the outside, while the inside is designed to wick away moisture and keep you cool even through the most difficult patient visits or hospital rounds. We’re sure that after you tried the Medelita, you won’t be able to go back to just any old white coat. If you’re not sure which style to go with, stick to the classic men’s and women’s white coat looks.

    According to an Amazon customer review from Dr. Shopper, “This lab coat is gorgeous right out of the bag. It's so white it is blue. The material is very thick, built like a blazer not a normal lab coat. So many pockets, very deep. Inside pocket for your cellphone or wallet. I love this lab coat.”

    The ultimate stethoscope


    Just recently available in the United States, the ERKA stethoscope may just be the Mercedes of stethoscopes. This sleek, chrome-plated device is truly a German-engineered masterpiece and features a patented dual-membrane sound chamber geometry for unmatched sound precision. Exclusively sold be in the United States by Medelita, ERKA stethoscopes boast a pore-free, chrome brass surface that is more resistant to bacteria, and ergonomically shaped, super-soft ear tips with superior noise canceling capabilities.

    If the you’re looking for another classy alternative that’s easier on the pocket, look no further than the Björn Hall Stainless Steel Clinical Stethoscope, which promises to bring “fashion and function to healthcare,” with clinical-grade stainless steel and aluminum binaurals to ensure pure tones. This Scandinavian stethoscope comes ready in a gift box and includes a spare kit, and carrying case. True luxury at an affordable price. For a little more oomph, add a leather carrying case to the gift set, now available in five colors.

    One reviewer wrote “This stethoscope is phenomenal! Amazing acoustics and clarity. Way better than the Littmann Cardiology II and for a fraction of the cost.”

    A pen you'll want to show off


    Despite the extensive reach of electronic medical records, it is still true that doctors can never have too many pens. Enter the Fisher Bullet Space Pen. Completely made of brass with a chrome finish, this pen will write in extreme temps, underwater, and over wet surfaces, at any angle—even upside down. Oft cited as an example of industrial art, the Fisher Bullet Pen has been exhibited at the New York Museum of Modern Art for years. A work of art that has all your note-taking needs covered, even if they’re upside down? A great gift for any physician, don’t you think?

    A reviewer wrote, “I LOVE this product! It is fantastic and writes amazing. My only initial concern was it didn't have the best grip, but got used to it after a couple of days! I highly recommend this to anyone contemplating it! It also makes for a GREAT conversation piece!”


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