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4 Things You Need To Know Before World War 3

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Reham Zenhom, Jan 12, 2020.

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    The tension has increased around the globe due to the rising use of military powers and conflicts between the US and Iran- Russia and India- the major increase of the power of China.

    Predictions, speculations and memes of world war 3 have been covering the news and social media by the beginning of the year 2020, as for the first time since 1953 a nuclear war is more likely to happen.

    • World war 3 countries; America versus Iran:

    After USA declaration of being responsible for the killing of Qassem Soleiman the Iranian commander, the tension increased all over the world and many suspected if this was the right action to be taken, in particularly after Iran responded with two missile attacks on American military bases in Iraq.

    Though everything seems to be cooling down now but the risk is still on and each country will try to get help from its allies, but no one knows if world war 3 happens who will win?

    • Movies that predicted world war 3; what will happen if world war 3 starts?
    “The new barbarians” a Sci-Fi movie which is an Italian movie that predicted world apocalypse due to nuclear war at 2019, the film was produced in 1983.

    “Steel frontier” starring Joe Lara is a western movie about post-apocalyptic world in 2019.

    “After the fall of New York” another Italian Sci-Fi movie that was released in 1980 about fate of earth after a nuclear destruction in world war 3.

    Many movies have predicted that our world would be doomed by the year 2019 due to nuclear mass destruction.

    • Medical innovations due to world war; healthcare in wars:
    After world war 1, doctors had to develop a new kind of treatments, tools and medical technologies to be able to treat their wounded patients, civilians and soldiers from disease and injuries that they weren’t familiar with, due to the new used weapons. Some industries such as prosthetic limbs have flourished after the war, as well as the field of plastic surgery and facial reconstruction which were rarely practiced and they weren’t even considered as a medical specialty, but after the war they were developed as a whole separate medical field that was needed to fix the huge rise in facial mutilation and the need for facial reconstruction and facial plastic surgery. Many medical techniques that are being used at this time, have been originated during world war 1.

    • 8 safe countries to turn to in case world war 3 happens:
    1- Norway: it is named “the doomsday vault” as it has million seeds from all over the world to be cultivated by survivals if the world gets hit by a massive war.

    2- Canada: it holds 30% of the world's fresh water and it is a huge country where you can still live away from the US.

    3- Fiji: if the name was familiar to you from the movie “Truman show” yes you are right it is actually a real place, an isolated island in the pacific ocean.

    4- Ireland: it has been declared as a neutral country since world war 1.

    5- Sweden: has built 65000 shelters that could protect around 7 million people.

    6- Chile: as it is protected by the Andes mountains.

    7- New Zealand: is one of the safest countries, no terrorism, violence, crimes and of low population.

    8- Iceland: it is a hard country to be invaded by any army as it is an island that is surrounded by glaciers

    But nowhere is safe if world war 3 becomes a nuclear war, except for an underground nuclear bunker or a space station away from earth.

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