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4 Tips To Get Six Packs

Discussion in 'Physical Therapy' started by Egyptian Doctor, Nov 5, 2012.

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    Do cardio workouts

    There is no such thing as target fat loss. If you need six pack abs you need to get rid of the extra fat over your abs. The best way how you can get rid of the fat over your abs is by doing cardio workouts. These workouts increase your heart rate for a certain period of time. Running, bike riding, jogging, dancing and rowing are few of the examples of cardio workouts.

    Eat small portions at dinner time

    Avoid eating heavy during dinner times as this can hamper your fat loss process. A lot of people are sluggish after they eat their dinner and this leads to fat accumulation. You can rather go in for a bigger lunch or eat some healthy snack before dinner. Try eating fresh fruits or salads before dinner. This will curb your appetite besides providing you necessary health benefits. Having fistful of nuts before option you. Also drink a big glass of water before you sit at the dinner table.

    Eat a healthy breakfast

    People generally have a tendency to skip their breakfast. This is generally due to lack of time. The danger of forgoing your breakfast from weight loss point of view is that you end up overeating during the lunch time.

    When you consume a big lunch you tend to feel drowsy after that. This makes your metabolism sluggish and you tend to put on excess weight. Try to eat cereals at breakfast. Cereals do not take any time to prepare. A lot of healthy cereal options are available in the market these days.

    Go for weight training

    Weight training will enable you to build muscle in your body. This will assist you in losing calories even when your body is at rest. Resistance training is vital to restrict the amount of muscle mass lost even as you cut down your calorie intake.

    Keep your metabolism rate stable- Eat small meals after every three hours. This will speed up your metabolism rate and make you lose body fat. Try to include lean protein in your each and every meal. This way your body will not break down your muscles for energy.




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