4 Ways to Save Money on Prescription Drugs

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    If you have purchased any type of prescription drug recently, then you are well aware of the high price tag on most medications. Many on fixed incomes have resorted to splitting pills, taking medications only on alternating days or forgoing taking prescribed medicine altogether to save money. Very dangerous, potentially deadly, practices. Use these 4 ways to save money on prescription drugs and take your medicine everyday as prescribed to maintain your health.

    Prescription Savings Programs

    Many chain pharmacies offer some type of prescription savings program that you can sign up for and save money on generic brands and/or long-term medications. Sometimes the money-saving programs have a small up-front fee (usually around $10), but will save you far more than that nominal amount for one prescription. Call the different pharmacies in your area to discover what type of prescription savings programs they may offer to their customers.

    Company Website

    Pharmaceutical companies often offer money saving coupons for long-term maintenance drugs on the company website. Special offers and/or rebate cards may also be offered. Before having a new prescription filled, check the pharmaceutical company's website.

    Talk with your doctor about the cost of a new or existing prescription. Pharmaceutical companies frequently give drug samples and discount prescription cards to physicians to hand out to their patients.

    Payment Helper Sites

    Know that you are not alone in the struggle to meet the rising cost of prescription drugs and several 'payment helper' groups have formed to help people who are struggling to purchase their needed medications. Visit some of the online websites, like TogetherRx, to see if you qualify for free or reduced priced medications.

    Go North

    Across the Canadian border prescription drugs are up to 50% cheaper than here in the United States. The drug prices are so much cheaper up north because Canada's federal government controls the prices of new drugs. When doing business with an online Canadian drugstore, make sure they are certified by the National Association of Boards of Pharmacy and display the Verified Internet Pharmacy Practice Site seal on their website. This will ensure you are getting top quality medications and not being scammed.



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    you can buy some discount card which is available with many medical shop which shops are having there branches all over the country.you can use that card any where at any time.

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