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5 Body Shapes That Will Affect Your Diet

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Reham Zenhom, Sep 9, 2019.


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  1. Reham Zenhom

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    It’s well known now that our body types and shapes have great effect on both our health and dietary plans, determining where fats are located inside your body is affecting your metabolism and your insulin uptake. Though there is a huge diversity of sizes among those body shapes, but what are the main body shapes? And what shape is the healthiest? We are going to find out about that, in this article, so you will be able to identify your body.

    What Are The Main Body Shapes?
    • Apple Shaped Body:

    They tend to have visceral fat, the abdominal fats are located around the belly area which is considered too risky but yet easy to get rid of.

    • Pencil Shaped Body:
    No curves, skinny people but when they gain weight, fats are deposited in the belly which is risky as in the apple shaped.

    • Hourglass Shaped Body Type:
    They are the most attractive and sexiest bodies as the fats are evenly distributed all over the whole body and at all the right places.

    • Inverted Triangle Body Shape:
    The body top is wider and heavier than the rest of the body.

    • Pear Shaped Body:
    Fats are located at the lower part of the body, subcutaneous fats which are harder to get rid of, yet of lower risk on the health.


    Which Body Shape Is The Most Dangerous To Health?

    The apple shape is the most dangerous one as abdominal fats are triggers for insulin resistance so they are most likely to have diabetes, more risk of getting cardiovascular disease and cancer. The pencil shape is dangerous as well if they gain weight.

    Apple Shape Diet Plan:

    It goes also for the pencil shape as eating whole grain, wheat and carbs which are rich in fibers are the key to apple shaped body weight loss, and to maintain the ideal weight for the pencil shape.

    The most effective diet in this case for those 2 body types to control the insulin level is low sugar diet. Avoid carbohydrates such as rice, pasta, bakery, sweets and desserts. Increase the amount of starch free vegetables and fruits, increase your intake from lentil, bran, oats and proteins. Also eat healthy fats full of omega 3 such as nuts, olive oil, fish and avocado.

    Hourglass Shaped Diet Plan:

    Pbd (plant based diet) is the best way to get your proteins as lentils, nuts, beans and tofu are high in fibers and healthy fats. Also you can increase your protein intake especially salmon and chicken. Use healthy fats, fruits, vegetables, and whole grains.

    Inverted Triangle Shaped Diet Plan:

    Avoid processed food or high fat cheese and reduce your amount of salt which causes bloating, also increase your intake from greens instead of starchy vegetables.

    Pear Shaped Body Diet Plan:

    Use food high in fiber and low in fats like brown rice, whole grain bread and quinoa. Food rich in calcium helps in controlling the body storage of fats so eat non dairy products rich in calcium such as soy milk, almonds, sunflower seeds, white beans and tofu.

    Stop drinking alcohol and soda and increase your water consumption.

    General Tips For All Body Shapes:

    1- Exercise.

    2- Use food rich in magnesium as it is essential for most body functions and induce a better level of blood sugar like spinach, almonds and black beans.

    2- Use fruit sugar instead of manufactured sugar.

    4- Avoid soda and artificial juices as they contain huge amounts of sugar.

    5- Increase the amount of vegetables and proteins instead of carbohydrates in your meals.

    6- Use low fat milk, yogurt and dairy products.


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