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5 ESSENTIAL tips on studying smarter not harder as a NEW medical student

Discussion in 'Medical Students Cafe' started by eyasmii, Sep 1, 2019.


how to study smart and study less?

  1. memorize more

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  2. understand more

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  1. eyasmii

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    Sep 1, 2019
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    Med school is all about exams.:(

    As a medical student, you are always panicking because you will have an exam soon, or you are preparing for an exam, or you 're waiting for an exam result...


    But to succeed in med school, you have to stop panicking or at list panic less.

    But how can you stop worrying in the med school.

    Don’t be the stupid hardworking student and act like an intelligent exam's expert.:cool:

    1#be organized :

    I don’t carry if you are a messy person and organizing your life is not your thing. YOU are in med school now and YOU HAVE TO BE ORGANIZED!

    Create a file for each subject on your computer, and organize all your documents, e-books in these files.

    Buy a notebook to write down notes during lectures because if you write on separate papers you will lose half of them by the exam time.

    2#don't start memorizing early:

    The number one question medical students ask - how to memorize and not forget so quickly?

    But guess what you will forget because you are not a machine so you can press the save bottom and the data is stocked there forever.

    Memorize during your revision weeks.

    Otherwise, you're wasting your time and effort

    3#read your books:

    To me, learning is understanding the concepts, not memorizing the words.

    You should schedule your subjects and make a studying plan and make sure that you read a minimum of 3 pages every day.

    But don’t just read you have to focus and understand the concepts described by the text.

    I always try to read ahead in the books before the lecture so that when a professor addressed a subject and I didn’t understand it, I could ask questions in class about it.

    Make it a habit!

    4#color coding :

    This the best advice I can give to a new medical student.

    Buy as many highlighters as you find, give life to your boring black words.

    First, I used to use colors just based on my mood and to make my notes pretty but now I have a color-coded system and this system changed my life.

    I recommend using pastel colors and avoid fluorescence ones because it's not comfortable for your eyes while reading.

    Believe me, don't underestimate visual memory.

    IT'S BEST!


    Don't take your friends' notes because what you didn't make any effort to create them.

    Plus, there is something about writing the notes by yourself that makes you learn better.

    You have to build your lesson in your way. It doesn't matter if you have terrible handwriting, the information will stick in your head better.


    These were the essentials to start lively in medical school. by the time you will find more and more tips and tricks on how to deal with exams and studying smartly.

    The med school is a journey that starts and never ends. so be ready to live the most tiring and amazing experience of your life

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