5 Ideas for dentist's career shift

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    5 Ideas for dentist's career shift

    Are you a dentist who reach the age that you can't practice dentistry anymore?!

    Or a young dentist who hate to treat with patients and has no passion to work in clinics?!

    Or a young female dentist who can't practice dentistry due to any private reasons?!

    If you are one of these cases and want to have an opportunity for an alternative career, here you will find some ideas to build a new career.

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    If you enjoy learning others and you have enough patience to deal with students, teaching will be a great idea for you to start a new career.

    You can go for academic teaching in college which may need you to have Master degree or you can teach scientific materials to school students from different ages.

    images (19).jpeg

    2-Dental products store.

    OK you will spend a lot of money at the beginning to get a store full of dental materials to sell to dental clinics and centres but it is a worthy idea and you may need a partner to help you.

    images (21).jpeg

    3-Dental lab.

    If you have passion to lab work and you were feeling enjoyed in preclinical college years, opening a dental laboratory will be a great idea for you.

    If you do not have passion to work by yourself, you can hire professional technicians to help you and you can also use modern technology in performing your work.

    4-Scientific research.

    It may be a good idea for dentist who have passion to learn, study and search and look forward to being in the college staff members.

    5-Medical translation and writing.

    It is a worthy chance for dentists who are bilingual or can speak and write with more than one language and depending on your strong medical background.

    images (20).jpeg

    Whatever the idea you will choose to perform, you should have the desire to be successful and then you will be.

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