5 Movies That Doctors Should Not Miss

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    1.- Awakenings (1990)

    Awakenings is based on the autobiography of Neurologist Oliver Sacks, who in 1969 discovered the positive effects of L-dopa in catatonic patients, survivors of the lethargic encephalitis epidemic that occurred from 1917 to 1928, leaving millions of deaths worldwide.

    In the film, the protagonist is Doctor Malcom Sayer (Robin Williams) investigates the causes and effects of the disease that keeps a series of patients suffering mainly from Parkinson's disease in a catatonic state. Thanks to one of his patients, Leonard Lowe (Robert de Niro), Dr. Sayer will carry out a series of experiments with good results, but not for long.

    2.- Sicko (2009)

    Michael Moore makes a documentary that denounces the American health system; a system that, in the absence of universal health, excludes 50 million Americans (who either do not have private health insurance or cannot afford it) and which is based on private companies that mainly seek economic benefits and insurers that pay bonds to the employees that provide the most profitability by denying benefits and claims to the insured.

    3.- Gifted Hands (2010)

    Film produced for television that deals with the story of Dr. Ben Carson. This doctor had very little chance of success in life. The son of separated parents, raised in poverty and surrounded by racial prejudice, he became an irascible child and a bad student. Even so, his mother, who always believed in him, fostered his imagination, his intelligence and, above all, his self-confidence. It was precisely that faith that made it possible for him to become one of the best neurosurgeons in the world.

    This film is an inspiration to all those who do not believe they are able to carry out the medical career, since sometimes willpower and faith overcome any barrier.

    4.- 4th floor (2003)

    The film is about 4 teenagers who agree in a hospital oncology room. Thanks to their youth, joy, and mischief, they manage to make their illness and the lives of those around them more bearable.

    This film covers the main issues that afflict families affected by cancer, such as aggressive treatments, depression, the patient's quality of life, etc. A very endearing and intense film.

    5.- Patch Adams (1998)

    Patch Adams is more than a movie, it is the story of an unprecedented doctor, a doctor who is not, nor behaves, nor thinks like any other doctor you have ever met. For Patch Adams, humor is the best medicine, and he is willing to do anything to make his patients laugh, even risk his career.

    This movie is based on the true story of Patch Adams, a person who decided to put his grain of sand to make this world a better world.



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    "You treat a disease, you win, you lose. You treat a person, I guarantee you, you'll win, no matter what the outcome." - Hunter Patch Adams

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