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5 Reasons Why Doctors Should Participate In Doctor-Focused Social Networking Platforms

Discussion in 'Doctors Cafe' started by Reham Zenhom, Sep 22, 2019.


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    Most doctors are on popular and well known social networking giants, but those who haven’t participated in doctor-focused social networks are missing out on the big deal. Physician oriented social networking for healthcare professionals present new assistance and opportunities for resources, education, professional development and connections for doctors. Most of those sites and forums are free and enable doctors to learn community engagement and professional networking.

    Wider And Out Of Borders Connections:

    You can chat with your fellow doctors and physician community everywhere through the global networking. Doctor focused social networks help physician to physician communication, they allow unlimited expansion of professional network beyond geographical locations and out of borders.

    Doctor -focused sites allow verified doctors only to participate from many countries, they act like virtual doctors cafe for hundreds of doctors where they can interact with each other and allow collaboration among them. You can ask about anything related to medical community and many of your colleagues all over the world could provide an answer to your question.

    You can also meet again with your actual colleagues from the same medical schools and it’s much easier to find and reconnect with your former classmates or training residents.

    Updated And Continuous learning:

    Some sites allow the upload of medical cases and drug database to exchange information. They act basically as a platform for collaboration as they allow doctors to learn from experts, older and more experienced peers.

    You can use images, cases and articles posted by other physicians to educate yourself, through images, where you can study and recognize rare and real cases and conditions that you might not be able to meet through your entire career. Exclusive social networks for doctors enable physicians to share their research and experiences with their fellow physicians.

    Some sites are even more exclusive to certain medical fields, such as surgeons where they share surgical techniques, videos and skills to elevate and improve surgeons level and quality all over the world.

    Earn Additional Money:

    By reviewing new drugs, medical devices, completing surveys offered by medical companies or medical facilities.
    Sometimes you can earn money by reading and reviewing medical journals or books.

    Doctors get to gain credits, money and trophies by just expressing their opinions and experiences with drugs under evaluation, through doctor forums and doctor focused on-line sites.

    Great Help For Medical Students:

    Some sites are designed to help and prepare fresh medical students to graduate and become doctors, they guide students through their steps and help them through the obstacles they meet till they turn into real doctors. The utilization of social media tools especially doctor focused sites and doctor forums helps improve student’s ethics, professionalism, comprehension and communication through articles, journals that are published on those forums and allow them to cooperate and work together.

    Finding More Work Opportunities :

    Health care social networks provide detailed information about available jobs, they even compare salaries and present opinions from doctors who work inside the facilities.
    They personalize medical news and research as well, for the sake of physicians.
    You can upload your C.V and look for jobs according to your location and field of specialty. Some sites have strong and solid data about places where you can work at such as governmental and private hospitals, clinics and private practice.

    You can also market and brand your name as an owner of a medical practice or a private practitioner , you can regularly interact on doctor-focused on-line platforms that bring doctors and patients together, to build credibility and trust with on-line audience to market your business and reach a wider base with lower cost.
    There is no such a thing called wasted time on social media, if you are spending your time on credible and trustworthy doctor forum.


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