5 Simple Things That Can Quickly Aggravate Your Acne

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    We know that most people who have acne also have sensitive skin. The problem with sensitive skin is that the skin is so sensitive to external influences, so that if you treat it incorrectly, you might aggravate your acne or make your acne to spread all over your face. Even simple things can cause your acne to become bigger. Here are 5 simple things that can quickly aggravate your acne:

    1. Touching your acne with your fingers

    "Ouch! This acne is so painful!" You touch it. And you touch it again several minutes later. Oh no, you scratch it, you pinch it, trying to force the whitehead to come out. My friend, if you do it often, it will only damage your skin. Even though you are sure that it won't damage your skin, you'll only trigger more acne to appear in your skin, in places that you never expect before. So, refrain from touching your acne, aside from applying some natural acne spot treatments once in a while. Even so, you should do it only after you've washed your face clean with fresh water.

    2. Eating eggs, meats, and nuts

    I know that those foods are so delicious. Who doesn't like eggs, meats, and nuts? I think everybody likes them. But, if your skin is sensitive, and you can easily have acne breakout, you should be careful with those foods. Eggs, meats, and nuts can easily aggravate your acne because they will promote toxic build-up within your body, which will trigger acne to appear very quickly.

    3. Changing your clothes less than twice a day

    Do you think that you always have clean clothes? Not so fast, my friend. If you don't change it at least twice a day, your clothes will be the home for sweat and dirt from your body, especially if you're doing lots of activities during the day. As a result, those sweat will cause unhealthy environment for your body. And remember that a dirty, sweaty, and oily body can become a great place for acne to flourish. So, change your clothes regularly in the morning and in the evening to keep your body clean. Don't forget to take a bath as well, my friend.

    4. Sleeping late

    Drinking and smoking while partying until morning is a very common lifestyle today. But, do you know that sleeping late can cause more acne to appear in your body? Even though you're not drinking and smoking together with your friends, the effect is still the same. Sleeping late is unhealthy for your body. Remember that your body needs sleep to restore its skin health. If you don't give your body the opportunity to heal your acne, then you will only aggravate your acne in the end.

    5. Thinking negatively about everything

    Do you know that so many good people are encouraging you to have a positive thinking attitude in your life? That's true, my friend. Positive thinking can promote well-being. And of course, it can also promote skin health. When you think negatively about everything, you will tend to build more stress and depression, which is of course unhealthy for your skin. Stress and depression are so dangerous for your mental and body health, and they have led so many people to commit suicide. More importantly, it is scientifically proven that stress can aggravate your acne. So, you should try to think positively about everything. After all, what have you got to lose by doing that?


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