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5 Things To Expect After Graduation From Medical School

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Mahmoud Aboud, Sep 1, 2019.

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    1. Studying won’t stop

    What you have studied in the medical school is a small portion of what you need to study throughout your career life as a doctor. You will need to go through medical registration exams, speciality training, sub speciality training, faculty or colleges memberships exams and not to mention the research and audit work you have to do to keep your self-qualified for degrees and career development.

    2. There are plenty of steps to get yourself on a career track

    After you graduate, you will need to go through internship training, medical council registration, training posts applications. Speciality program for a minimum of four and a maximum of seven years. After that you might go into a sub speciality program that will take a couple of years. By the time you are qualified as a consultant, other steps will take place to keep your track in continuous professional development through attending academic events and publishing papers.

    3. There is nothing such as a secured job

    Its always temporary as an average of six months to two years posts, unless you are super lucky.

    4. Everyone will expect much from you

    The hospital, the colleagues, the family, the bank, the medical council, .. etc

    5. You will be broke

    With your limited salary and the hell of expenses on exams, professional memberships, conferences to attend, mortgage, household expenses, family stuff, you won’t be able to save a penny.


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