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5 Things You Can Do Right Now to Enhance Your Relationships

Discussion in 'Psychiatry' started by Egyptian Doctor, Nov 16, 2013.

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    1. Be willing to “walk around” another person and not just see them from a one-dimensional perspective. Everyone is a complex, multi-layered individual who has their own history of struggles, suffering, joy and achievements. Almost anyone you know or you will meet has been through many of life’s difficult passages. There are no “ordinary” or “average” people, because no two people are the same. When you meet new people, look at them as a unique individual, and refrain from judgment. While it may be new territory, even with your current friends and acquaintances, “walking around them” and seeing them as a whole person with many facets to their life can open up your current relationship with them. If you meet a new type of person than you are used to relating to you may meet someone who could change your life in wonderful ways.

    2. Be respectful to everyone even if they fail to treat you well. This can be a real challenge – to be respectful and even kind to others who may treat you otherwise. When we develop the habit of being kind instead of returning a negative attitude back to others, we enhance our relationships with our self, as well as chose to create harmony rather than conflict. Over time, others will notice your behavior and will respond to you in this positive way as well. When we “do unto others,” we can feel good about how we treat them and enjoy having that same treatment returned to us.

    3. Practice accepting others for who they are. The only people we can ever change are ourselves, and that is hard enough to do! Attempting to change others is a futile act and also presumptuous on our part. By accepting the people in our lives for who they are, as they are, they will enjoy the relationship, feeling valued for themselves.

    4. Let others make their own decisions. Even though we all know that what may be good for us may not be good for others, it can be challenging to stop trying to tell others what decisions they should make in their lives or how they should live. When we do this, we are not valuing that person for who they are, and our behavior can be selfish in that we are advising them to do what we think is best for them, not what they think or feel is best. We have to allow others to make their own decisions and their own mistakes – it is all part of life’s lessons and only they can learn the lessons for themself.

    5. Listen more and talk less. Less is more when it comes to talking. Most people want a friend or mate who is a good listener, not necessarily someone who is there to “tell them” what they think. Most of us don’t need or want advice – but rather we want to be listened to so they can figure out the answer for ourselves. By being a good ear for someone you care about, you give them the greatest gift of all – your attention and you’re caring about them. Listening to some makes the experience about them and not about us.


    Written by : Dr.Georgianna Donadio
    At Dailystrength

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