5 Ways to Boost Your Immune System

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    Bring on the Kleenex. With the fall coming soon, many are in search of ways to boost their immune system. Getting a cold can bring on stress especially if you have a big household because the germs will spread. Continue reading to learn ways to stay healthy during this time of year.

    Ensure that you get at least eight hours of sleep. Feeling groggy throughout the day can put one in a negative mindset. Negativity can put you in a state of stress. And, according to current studies, stress is a common factor is sickness. Therefore, get eight hours of sleep to avoid this downfall. If you have a hard time getting to sleep, you can try melatonin which is a natural hormone that is found in the body. You can get it over the counter. It is used for individuals who may not produce enough melatonin which can keep you up at night. It comes in low doses and has no addictive outcomes.

    Getting at least thirty minutes of activity in each day is a sure fire way to keeping your immune system healthy. A lot of people think that each day is a lot, but I can tell a big different when I do not exercise every day. The next day I will feel completely off course and lethargic. So incorporating playing with your children or the family dog, jogging, Zumba, yoga, or pilates can make a big difference in the smaller scheme of things.

    Evaluate Food Intake:
    So I used to work for a very high stress job that caused my world to completely crash. Dealing with the stress, I would use food to comfort me. After gaining a good 30 pounds, I had to look at the bigger picture. I was becoming very unhealthy and let my world get completely out of control. I had to evaluate my food intake. I was taking in about 2500 to 3000 calories due to fast food. So I knocked my calorie intake to 2000 and the weight started coming off. Also, I removed the fast food and replaced my snacks with fruits and veggies. My body has been in better health ever since.

    I know this may sound like a weird topic to cover, but it is the truth. You take in tons of toxins each day from the food you eat to the air you breathe. The toxins have nowhere to go unless you release them. You can take a steam bath or Epsom salt bath. The steam and salt will remove the toxins from your body. Or, you can go for a jog or go biking. You can even play some sports. Whatever it takes to release the toxins, do it. They can build up and attack your immune system hard. So prevent this before it happens.

    This is my favorite way to get and stay healthy. Keep comedy in your life. Most people who are the happiest have a positive personality and they do not let other people get them down. They remember to laugh through all the trials and tribulations they may face. Pull out the old homemade videos. Watch a comedy. Or go hang out with your friends. Either way, make sure to see the bright side of things and this will keep you healthy.



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