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6 Common Myths and Facts Associated With Hair Loss

Discussion in 'Dermatology' started by Egyptian Doctor, Oct 21, 2013.

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    • Applying Oil Daily Gives Strong and Healthy Hair

    Oil makes hair heavy and dirty. Oily hair attract dust and dirt. Therefore, applying oil after hair wash doesn’t have any benefits. Besides, the claim that applying hair oil gives long hair is a misconception.

    • Usage of Extra Protein Shampoo
    Market is flooded with several shampoos claiming to have extra protein. The notable point here is that while washing, protein in the shampoo doesn’t enter the hair or its roots. Shampoo’s main role is limited to cleaning the external surface of hair, that is, its cuticles. Hair do need protein but it comes from a good diet.
    • Going Bald or Cutting Hair Increases Hair Growth
    Many people shave their head or trim their hair short when undergoing serious hair loss. They think short hair will reduce hair fall or new hair after going bald will not shed. However, this is a misconception. Going bald does not have any effect on hair fall.
    • Contact Time of Shampoo
    Most of the people wash off shampoo immediately after its application or keep the shampoo in the hair for very long. They think prolonged application of shampoo in hair will benefit hair. But the fact is that the contact time of shampoo to hair should be around five minutes, neither less nor more. This allows appropriate time for cleaning of dirt in the hair.
    • Oil Removes Dandruff
    Hormone level change during youth or puberty makes the scalp oily and causes dandruff. People think applying oil in hair will help them get rid of dandruff though it is not true. Oil doesn’t help remove dandruff in any way.
    • Daily Washing Causes Hair Fall
    Dirty hair causes more hair fall, and shampooing hair daily reduces falling of hair. Fixed amounts of hair fall every day. If hair are washed after a long gap, then also those hair will fall. It is possible that most of the hair fall happens during the massage before shampooing and while shampooing you find less hair fall.


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