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6 Easy Stress Reduction Tips

Discussion in 'Psychiatry' started by Egyptian Doctor, Jul 19, 2013.

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    We seem to be a nation on edge. Those who have jobs feel overworked and underpaid. Those without jobs are finding the market tough. Prices are rising and other events are increasing stress levels for everyone.

    There comes a time when we have to step up to the plate and take control of that stress. It doesn't need to control us, make us sick or lead to violence. Here are some tips that could keep that from happening.

    Breathe: Does that seem too simple? It isn't. Most of us don't use all the volume available in our lungs. In fact, we tend to use fifty percent or less. This, by itself, causes stress. Our brains use the most oxygen of any organ and when it doesn't get as much as it needs, it causes stress.

    The exercise is simple and can be done anywhere. Exhale completely, and then inhale completely. Repeat this nine more times. You will probably find that each time you inhale you are getting more air into your lungs. You should also feel a lessening of your stress levels.

    Cry: Stress is a pressure cooker. Tears are the relief valve. While being dramatic about it is unlikely to do any good, a private bout of crying can. It's a natural response to stress, and a natural reliever.

    Exercise: Are you a mouse potato? Sitting at a computer for hours on end…even if it is our job…can increase stress. Get up and stretch your legs. A brisk ten minute walk will help clear your mind, relieve built up stress and leave you better able to handle whatever the boss throws at you. In fact, exercise may even help you resolve some of the problem(s) that are causing the stress in the first place.

    Hydrate: Like improper breathing, dehydration can actually add to stress levels. All of your organs need fluids, and they will all increase stress levels if they don't have enough. Making sure you have enough fluid (preferably water) on board can reduce your stress load.

    Laugh: Like crying, laughter is a natural stress reliever. Find something that makes you laugh…really laugh…and it will help. Try to choose positive sources; laughing at someone's pratfall can increase stress levels as it can cause you to remember your own mishaps.

    Visualization: This activity takes time. At first it would take me a good twenty minutes, but now it can be done in ten. Choose a passage of the Bible, poetry or other descriptive, positive writing. Place yourself in that passage. I find a pastoral setting the most peaceful. It's memorized, so I can lay (or lean) back and close my eyes while I go over it. I let myself feel the grass. I can hear the water. I can smell the flowers. Use every sense to place yourself there. It has gotten me through some very upsetting circumstances.

    Stress may not respond to these efforts. If not, it's time to see your doctor. Living with stress is harmful to your body and it does need to be addressed. Medications and/or counseling may be needed to stay healthy.



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