6 Main Types Of Obesity Revealed In Study, And This Is How You Fight Them

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    Losing weight is no easy task, and for many people it almost seems impossible at times. Putting on the pounds is something that seems to constantly happen overnight, which means you’re fighting an uphill battle every day.

    The result is that people find themselves counting calories, changing their diets, exercising themselves into exhaustion. And when quick results are not seen, it can be very discouraging.

    However, a recent Yorkshire health study has shown that there are six different types of obesity, and different ways you can successfully handle them. So read on to find information on each of them.

    (Android) Upper Body Obesity: This type of obesity is the result of simply eating too much and not exercising enough. Granted you need a lot of fuel when you’re exercising, so the simple solution to this case would be to cut down on your sugar intake and exercise 30 minutes a day.

    (Android) Excess Stomach Fat: For both men and women, excess stomach fat can be very frustrating, especially if you’re on the more active side. The main cause for excess stomach fat is stress, depression and anxiety. Increasing the amount of exercise you do per day is a great solution, but also practicing relaxation techniques such as meditation will also help you shed some of that weight.

    (Cynoid) Lower Body Fat: This type of obesity is most common in women and can be very tough to get rid of. But if you put together a proper workout regimen, you’ll see results. Try toning your leg muscles first through a series of leg workouts like lunges and squats. Then you can incorporate some aerobic exercises such as jogging and running which will help you lose that fat. Together your workouts and aerobic exercises will give you a nice-toned lower body!

    (Android) Swollen Stomach: If you love to party and hate to exercise, this could be the reason why you have what is called a “beer belly.” On a hot summer day, there is nothing that tastes better than a nice cold beer, but if you’re not exercising on a daily basis, the best solution to fight this obesity is to significantly cut down on your alcohol consumption.

    (Gynoid) Lower Leg Obesity: Nobody strides to be obese, but there are certain types that are harder to get rid of than others. Lower leg obesity is most commonly found in pregnant women, and water aerobics is the best solution to lose weight in the lower legs.

    (Android) Upper Back Fat: Again, the result of upper back fat is consuming more calories than you’re burning off/ The simple solution is to ramp up your training program and restructure your diet. This means cutting down on the sugary fats and consume them in smaller proportions. The last thing you want is a weak back when you get older, because then you’re going to have some real issues. This may sound cheesy, but your back is the “backbone” of your entire body.


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