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6 Tips To Overcome A Relationship Break Up

Discussion in 'Psychiatry' started by Egyptian Doctor, Nov 5, 2012.

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    1- Accepting Is The First Step

    The first thing we need to do when a relationship is over is accepted. Sometimes this is one of the hardest steps to accomplish. For more painful is, you need to put in your little head the idea that is time to leave that relationship in the past and move forward. If you have to cry, then cry. Express all your pain will help you to feel much better. Soon you are going to realize that out there are lots of exciting things waiting for you. New people to meet, new places to go. A whole new world to discover. Are you ready for the next step?

    2- Cut Any Type Of Communication With That Person

    I is very painful but you need to do it. I am not saying that you are not going to talk with that person any more in your life or that you can't be friends. But if you really want to leave that relationship behind you need to stop talking or seeing him or her at least for some time. If you continue doing it, you are going to get even more hurt. This time will help to heal your wounds.

    3- Spend Time With Friends

    At this time you will need your friends more than ever. You probably have not been spending so much time with them. This is a great opportunity to get closer to them. Isolating will not going to help you at all on this situation. Maybe you are not in a mood to talk with nobody or go anywhere. Do a little of effort, call your friends and go to a new place together. Somewhere that not remind you your ex for nothing. Friends are too good listeners. It could be a great opportunity to get all that out of your system. Do it often and you will see how you'll be fine in a bit.

    4- Get As Busy As You Can

    Trying new and exciting activities will keep your mind busy all the time, this way you are not going to have time even to think in that person. Plus you have a great chance to meet new people with your same interest. Sign up in a gym, take cooking class, I don't know, what ever you always wished to do. This is the perfect moment to do it. Slowly tha sadness is going to disappear.

    5- Wait Before Start A New Relationship

    Maybe the loneliness can make you want to start a new relationship. Watch out. Be sure you heal your heart before. If you start another relationship too soon you may carry with issues from your past and that new relationship could not work. You probably are exhausted after breaking up. Take your time, enjoy your life, work your self esteem and get strong enough to start over again.

    6- Use Your Past As A Guide For The Future

    Analyze your past relationship. What would you change? Why didn't work? Do not try to mend it, it is too late for that, but use it as a guide next time you meet somebody. Set your expectations. How do want this new person treat you? What will you be able to stand? Those are questions you have to answer before you move on. Put your limits and be strict with yourself. Take your time to know well that new person and if you are seeing is not what are you looking for, just change your course and continue with your life.

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