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6 Tips To Pass MRCP Part 2 Exam

Discussion in 'PLAB' started by Egyptian Doctor, May 10, 2021.

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    MRCP 2 experience

    I passed MRCP 2 written exam in first attempt. Here are my tips and tricks for the exam:

    1. Basic knowledge: MRCP 2 is a test of your basic knowledge of clinical medicine . Only 20% of exam will test higher skills like a complication or a second line treatment .
    So your prep starts with part 1 . Chose your part 1 resources carefully as it will be carried on to part 2 .

    2. Resources : you basically need one good up to date notes resource and then lots and lots of mcqs. For theory I used Passmedicine knowledge tutor and then as many mcqs as I could . I finished bmj one exam once , Pastest once and Passmedicine 75% once. I did plan to do Pastest again but never got time. Pastpapers and sample paper at the end.

    3. images : imaging is an integral part so whenever u read a topic make sure u can pick it on imaging like ECG, USS, CT , XRay, FUNDOSCOPY, visual field imaging , flow volume loop, bone scans , in addition Dermatology pictures.

    4. Day of the exam : time management is the most important key. I made sure I have completed 10 questions in 15 minutes right from the start.

    5. For all those aspiring to do MRCP make sure you start with a good basic knowledge resource as it will be the platform on which you will build your part 1 and subsequently part 2 exam and then PACES .

    6. Momentum is extremely important. As soon as you pass part 1 start working for part 2 Do Not delay.

    All the Best to those working towards their goals.
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