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6 Ways Physicians Can Change The Health Care System

Discussion in 'Hospital' started by The Good Doctor, Jul 26, 2023.

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    Physicians are respected influencers who can directly impact public opinion and drive change within the health system. If you are dissatisfied with the current state of affairs, it’s time to become part of the solution. Here are some strategies you can employ to initiate health care transformations locally and beyond.

    Join or form local groups with engaged patients and employers. As a health care system insider, you possess valuable knowledge about how things work and, more importantly, how they don’t. Your voice holds significance. Patients and employers bear the majority of health care costs in the U.S., so collaborating with them can steer the course of our times. Take action—join or establish a group consisting of individuals striving for a better health care system.

    Embrace leadership opportunities that come your way. Over time, you will likely receive invitations to participate in leadership roles within your organization or community. Remember, becoming a leader is a gradual process that begins with small steps and expands as you grow. If you aspire to bring about substantial change, seize the first opportunity that comes your way. Your role will evolve with time. Take action—say yes to the next leadership opportunity that seems worthwhile and attainable.


    Get involved with the media. There are numerous avenues to express your opinions and influence others. Consider writing for your local newspaper, hosting a radio show, becoming a TV doctor, blogging, or offering podcasts and interviews. If you truly desire to drive national change, create a TV show. Start small by writing a letter to the editor of a local newspaper. Take action—convey your message effectively by initiating with a letter to the editor.

    Share your stories. Your stories hold tremendous power. The challenge lies not in finding a story but in selecting from the multitude of cases and situations you encounter daily. Choose the most impactful stories that will help others learn from your experiences. Consider seeking assistance from a story-writing coach. Take action—commit to writing a first draft of a meaningful story to you.

    Engage in advocacy activities. Your opinion carries weight at all levels, from presenting to a local school board or city council to engaging with state and federal governments and various advocacy organizations. Start by joining the board of an organization that addresses an issue close to your heart. Take action—volunteer to join a local nonprofit that aligns with your values.

    Consider running for office. It is generally advisable to begin at the local level and gradually progress upwards. Articulating your platform effectively is the primary challenge. Cultivate a community of support comprising colleagues and friends, and share your ideas with them. Remember, “it takes a village to make real change.” Take action—draft a set of ideas and proposals pertaining to health issues in your community, and share them with friends and colleagues.


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