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7,500 Doctors Have Left Greece in Six Years

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    During the last six years, a large number of Greek doctors have migrated to Europe and other continents.

    Figures of the largest medical association of Greece, the Athens Medical Association, show that more than 7,340 doctors have left Greece during the past six years because of serious problems in the Greek healthcare system.

    From 2010 onwards, the number of doctors who leave Greece seeking a better job abroad is constantly increasing. It is estimated that 5,406 physicians have migrated abroad since 2011.

    The United Kingdom, Germany and Sweden are the most popular destination among Greek doctors who decide to leave Greece, with the United Kingdom receiving the largest number of doctors.

    The inventory of Greek doctors in January 2013 showed that about 1,327 doctors went to Great Britain while 290 doctors went to Germany and 137 to Sweden.

    A smaller number of Greek doctors migrates to Switzerland, USA, France, Norway, Finland, Romania, Denmark, United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia.


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