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7 Reasons Why Means Of Technology Are Bad For Your Life

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Reham Zenhom, Sep 10, 2019.


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  1. Reham Zenhom

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    Sep 8, 2019
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    Modern technology, social media, cell phones, laptops, and all new means of communication are considered the most important breakthrough in human’s life but in fact we are being turned into less human and they are dangerously affecting our mental health. How is that possible? That’s what we are about to discuss at this article.

    More Departed:

    Technology and new means of communications were basically invented and invested in to bring people together and get closer to our loved ones especially those who had to move away to other places, but no one knew that technology is going to be the beast that will swallow all aspects of our lives and depart us from each other instead of bringing us together.

    Exiled Individuals Inside The Virtual Reality:

    New ways of communications in particularly social media and video games, helped people to stay more inside their own bubbles. They encouraged rejected, out casted and bullied individuals that don’t fit the societies’ standards to remain isolated and exiled inside their own bedrooms: They create a virtual life where they are more safe living the personalities they wish to have, saying their points of views without thinking about the consequences or getting afraid of being exposed, they are not required to work on their social skills or beat their fears as they don’t have to deal directly with people. That’s why they love the idea of staying invisible and they embrace it and that’s why social media is bad for society.

    Disconnect From The Family:

    Families used to gather in the evenings over a nice meal or a new episode of their favorite TV. Show. where they work on their bonding, telling stories about their days, and talking about what has been going on during the day. But now, if they even bother to gather, you find that each member is holding his cell phone, paying attention to only it, and become disconnected from everyone else. Don’t you agree of how bad the effects of social media on family communication,

    Your phone Is Your New Best Friend:

    During outings with friends, instead of chatting, catching up and laughing to spend some good quality time and make memories, everyone is focused on their phones, live videos, live streams, social media and photos. They don’t get to enjoy the moment or embrace the fact that they have each other, that in real life they do have families and friends and they aren’t alone. We are stuck to our phones, showing our happiness through photos but we don’t feel it in our hearts. We don’t think any more about the concept of “just enjoy the company” we are focused on how to get more followers as we need to tell the world about how pretty, smart, successful, stylish and perfect we are though we are only humans and we are full of flaws and insecurities and there is no such a thing called” perfect life” it’s just a perfect photo that is shown on my new best friend” my cell phone”.


    Technology Made Us Lazy:

    The electric equipment with reasonable prices that have become easily available in our houses also dramatically affect our social life. People used to go to cafes to buy a good cup of coffee and mingle with new people. Now, you can have your own coffee maker at home. You practice sports using your home equipment or online coaches instead of jogging in the street or joining a club or gym where you can socialize with other participants to talk with or support each other. Even movie theatres have become available at home, so you don’t have to go out to the cinema to catch up the modern releases. You can even buy all the stuff that you need, and even your groceries online. You don’t have to go to the mall, store or even the super market. You can work, have meetings, take courses, train, make friends, chat and do all your activities on line and on your own. Technology made life easier but lazier and we became more vulnerable, lonely and subsequently miserable as there are less reasons to leave our houses that arise more and more each day.

    Virtual Relations:

    Despite the fact that some might argue that new ways of communications are the main reason for globalization and turning the world into a small place, in addition to make it easier for friends or families to stay in touch with each other or even keep your relations with the eldest friends, who aren’t around regularly anymore, beside the new ones. That might sound so true but what good does it make to us? If the relation was shortened to just cold texting that don’t express true feelings instead they increase the hole inside our souls and our feelings of loneliness. Texting replaced the nice warm meetings, hugs and physical support. Emoji’s instead of real laughter and smiles, short SMS replaced post cards or the good old written beautiful letters that used to bring hope till the promise of meeting again. That’s why social media is bad for relationships

    Less Human More Like Machines:

    I am afraid that someday people might forget how to talk as they spend all their days at home just typing in silence. From my point of view, we are all getting addicted to our machines and technology more and more each day that we are becoming less human every day. During that process, we are losing our passion and our ability to enjoy simple nature and natural beauty. Our minds have become trapped inside the images that have been opposed on us by advertisement and media that the people are missing realizing the blessings of the ability to enjoy star gazing, quiet moments, camping, primitive cabins by the sea shores or inside the desert and many more of those activities that modern technology has pushed us to forget about. It makes us stick to our chairs only staring at our screens and letting our lives pass by without realizing that we stopped living. We are getting closer to being more like machines rather than humans.


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