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7 types of food good for your oral health

Discussion in 'Dental Medicine' started by Sarah Hussien, Oct 14, 2019.

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    7 types of food good for your oral health

    "we are what we eat" is a very true statement because each type of food we eat affects directly on our general health positively or negatively.

    Our oral health is also affected by different types of food. Here we will confirm you with the best foods for your oral health.

    1- Dairy products :

    Dairy products like cheese and milk are very useful for teeth because of its alkaline effect (high PH) which reduce effect of acidity caused by intake of sugars and starchy food. As a result, your teeth liability to be decayed also reduced. In addition, they have high level of calcium which is a very important ingredient not only for teeth but also for bones.
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    2- Orange and lemon :

    Vitamin C rich food is very important for the health of your gum because of its effect in strengthening of blood vessels and as a result decrease gum bleeding.

    However, overeating vitamin C rich food can affect teeth negatively causing teeth erosion.
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    3- black and green tea :

    Tea can reduce activity of plaque and caries forming bacteria. It also prevents bad breath. But never over drink black tea, it may cause teeth staining.
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    4- Meat :

    Meat is rich in vitamin B which is very important for oral health. It's deficiency may cause oral inflammation and sore mouth.
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    5- Fish :

    Fatty fish is a rich source of vitamin D which is very important in calcium absorption which is very important for bones and teeth as well.
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    6- Apple :

    It is considered one of the hard foods which help while eating in self cleansing action of teeth surface, in addition to that it's rich in fibres.

    7- Dark chocolate :

    New studies showed that dark chocolate can inhibit activity of caries and plaque forming bacteria. It also prevents halitosis.
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