8 Doctors Share The Weirdest Valentines Day-Related Injuries They've Seen.

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    When most of us think of Valentines Day we imagine boxes of chocolates, romantic dates, stories of heartbreak, and perhaps a nauseating repulsion from the corporate fanfare that attempts to commodify love.


    Wherever you fall on the Valentines Day spectrum, from the mushy adoration to outright hate, most of us don't associate the day with hospitalization or injury. But alas, for every holiday, there are nurses and doctors with unexpected stories of injuries and chaos.

    In a popular Reddit thread, nurses, doctors, and hospital staff shared the most surprising Valentines Day-related injuries they've ever encountered.

    1. From josephkristian:

    Had a guy come into the ER complaining of chest pain. I was triaging and he said he had no history cardiovascular or pulmonary disease. I asked what triggered his pain and he said he came home early from work and he found his girlfriend in bed with another guy. He said it broke his heart.

    2. From Peelboy:

    Allergic reaction from being kissed by someone who had eaten food the other person was allergic to.

    3. From markko79:

    In my EMS career, I've been on three calls where guys have tried to circumcise themselves at their wives' urging.

    4. From JustaMoron:

    I am veterinary staff. We had a dog get into some special Valentine's day chocolates which, alone, is a bad thing. Only these weren't just normal chocolates, but "special" chocolates. Dog ended up consuming ~200mg of THC.

    5. From GenicNyssa:

    I'm a veterinarian. Dog got into a gift a guy had bought for his FWB/"gf" and eaten the four pairs of lacy, colorful Victoria's Secret thongs that were inside. Dog got a foreign body obstruction and had to go to emergency surgery. Best (saddest?) part was the guy guilted the girl into paying for the surgery, as he blamed her for the dog getting into the underwear since the gift was for her.

    Also, so much chocolate toxicity. So much.

    6. From alkahdia:

    As a medical student on a surgery rotation, we got a page on 2/15 that "xx year old female in ED, swallowed knife." Obviously we tried to figure out what happened as soon as possible. Apparently she swallowed a butter knife. "How!?!?!?" one might ask, not sure exactly what happened because she was whisked away to have it removed before I ever got near. Word on the street was it was because she was dissatisfied with her Valentine's Day celebrations.

    7. From thegooddoctor84:

    A man and his girlfriend decided to get a little kinky and stuffed several AA batteries up the guy’s butt. They didn’t come back out. Confirmed on abdominal x-ray.

    8. From zombieguy224:

    My dad once removed a wine glass (in tact) from someone's butt.


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