8 Facts that Make You Want to Become a Vegetarian

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    To eat meat or not - that is the question most people ask themselves at least once in life. Forming meals out of a plant-based diet doesn't come easy to westerners raised on McDonald's burgers and fries. And then, there's the different subsets associated with this decision such as vegetarianism, veganism and fruitarianism. Which one is better? The answer isn't simple, but research shows that pushing aside dishes created from foods with a face is the best way to go for most individuals.

    Eight facts that make you want to become a vegetarian:

    1- Plant-based diets increase metabolism in human bodies. Males and females who eat in this manner burn calories up to 16% faster than their meat-loving peers.

    2- Higher IQ's are linked to males and females who are vegetarians. A British study revealed that children who tested higher for their IQ's grew into adults more likely to embrace a plant-based diet.

    3- Want to solve world hunger? According to some researchers, vegetarianism can minimize this issue. Plants are more plentiful than meat and, as a result, can be used to feed more people.

    4- Men who avoid red meat have more sex appeal. The reason: their body odor is more attractive to women.

    5- The American Dietetic Association (ADA) reports that a vegetarian or vegan diet is healthier than one that includes meat. Practicing vegetarians and vegans have lower rates of hypertension, type 2 diabetes and prostate/colon cancer.

    6- Some theologians and historians believe that spirituality is linked to what humans eat. So, based on Old Testament scripture regarding diet, they feel a vegetarianism corresponds more with a Christian lifestyle.

    7- A twenty year-old study conducted in China unveiled that societies that have plant-based diets live longer than ones with meat-based diets. Disease usually increases the mortality rate of the latter.

    8- Sex for individuals who love tofu and other plant-based foods is better. Why? Plants influence or possibly stimulate sexual activity.

    Convinced? The above eight facts are excellent arguments for becoming a vegetarian or at least adding more green into your meals. The perks of a plant-based diet definitely outweigh those involving meat.



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