8 Fat Gain Symptoms You Shouldn't Ignore

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    Nor Do Your Curves If you wear your old t-shirt and suddenly start looking very curvaceous, then it could mean two things. One is that your vital assets are increasing due to hormonal reasons. The other more common reason is that you are putting on weight.

    Tight Undergarments
    Your undergarments give you the first fat gain symptoms. When your bra strap suddenly seems a lot short and your lingerie is too tight for you, it could only mean that you have gained weight.

    Double Chin
    Your face is one of the first places on your body where you put on weight. If you suddenly start noticing a double chin, it is a definitely sign that you are getting fatter. Some people have a tendency to have double chin, but it always gets much worse with weight gain.

    Jammed Rings
    When your rings suddenly seem too tight on your fingers and you have literally struggle to get them off, it is time to hit the gym.

    Old Photos
    Your old photos can be the best eye opener ever. If you take a photo that is about one year old and compare it to your present photo, you are bound to get the hints that you have been busy gaining weight.

    The Dancing Belly
    When you gain weight in an unhealthy way, you will be gaining only loose fat. So if you feel that your hips twist every time you walk and your loose flabby belly is dancing as you move, it is a fat gain symptom for sure.

    Trouble Breathing
    It is not just your external body that suffers from the signs of obesity., the extra fat also gets deposited in your heart and arteries. So as you get fatter, you will have trouble breathing and your movements will become slower.

    Chubby Cheeks Chubby cheeks do look cute but only on kids. If your cheeks are too chubby then you have been putting on face fat that will make your cheekbones disappear.



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