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8 Foods that will Ruin the Mood on Valentine’s Day

Discussion in 'Dietetics' started by Egyptian Doctor, Feb 14, 2012.

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    Romance is all about setting a mood ”“ and as delicious as these foods might be, creating the right atmosphere will be an uphill battle if these dishes are on the menu. It’s best to avoid foods that emit aromas that no amount of scented candles will ever be able to cover ”“ and unless you want to tenderly caress a wet wash cloth all night, sticky, messy dishes are also not recommended. Here’s a rundown of a few foods to avoid serving at your romantic Valentine’s dinner (with recipes in case you want to eat them any other night of the week!

    1- Death by Garlic Pasta

    2-Devilish Chili-Cheese Dogs

    3-Smoky BBQ Ribs

    4-Sloppy Joes

    5-Ding Dong Eight Alarm Chili

    6-Barbecue Chicken Wings

    7-Whole Baked Fish

    8-Oven Roasted Dungeoness Crab

    Oven Roasted Dungeoness Crab.jpg


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