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9 Effective Ways To Boost Your Energy Levels And Physical Stamina!

Discussion in 'Physical Therapy' started by Egyptian Doctor, Nov 1, 2013.

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    1.) Start Exercising

    I know it may feel absurd to hear that exercising can help increase your energy levels and physical stamina, but it is a proven fact that engaging physical activity helps in boosting your energy levels and physical stamina.

    Engaging in exercises has steadily resulted in increased energy and overall improved quality of life for so many people. If you become more active, your self-confidence would also improve tremendously. Additionally engaging in exercises regularly allows your muscles, heart and lungs to work more efficiently... we can compare this to a scenario where you improve the fuel efficiency of your vehicle... but in this case you would have more energy for your daily activities.

    2.) Now Is The Time To Try Yoga!

    Even though regular exercises are very good in increasing physical stamina, engaging in yoga is a lot more effective if you really want to boost your energy levels. In a recent British study, participants engaged in yoga classes just once a week. At the end of a six weeks period they experienced more energy, increased confidence and better moods!

    Do not hold on to the erroneous belief that you are too old to try yoga! Look at the case of 135 women and men that signed up for yoga classes at the University of Oregon. After about six months, every member of the class reported that they had more energy and an improvement in their sense of well-being... these men and women were between the ages of 65 years to 85 years! I guess that tells you that you have no excuses now!

    3.) Water... Water... and More Water!

    We both know this as a fact that dehydration reduces our physical stamina and energy. Athletes know naturally that dehydration is something they must avoid if they are to perform at optimum levels... that is why they keep drinking water!

    I know you are not an athlete (at least not anymore!), but you have got to understand that a lot of times dehydration results in fatigue. So if you are going about your daily routines and chores always remember to drink enough water. Dehydration reduces your mental alertness and concentration... the simple way to prevent that is to drink enough water daily.

    Are you wondering how to find out if you are consuming the right amount of water that your body needs?... the easiest way to find out is to look at your urine, if it is straw colored or yellow, then it is OK; if is darker, it is a clear indicator that you should start drinking more water!

    4.) Sleep Early... Wake Up Stronger And More Energetic!

    Not having enough sleep at night can increase your chances of having accidents (of any kind!) and is also the major cause of daytime fatigue for so many individuals. To avoid this -> Go to bed on time... so that you can enjoy a full and good night's rest!

    Way back in 2004, Stanford University conducted a study where they told the participants to sleep for as long as they like. The result was => they all reported having less fatigue and more physical stamina. This is concrete proof to you if you are a "night owl" that having a good sleep habit has a lot of important benefits to you!

    Assuming you did not have a good night rest... what you should do is take a short afternoon nap. As trivial as this may sound, taking little naps in the afternoon helps your perform better, keeps your brain more active and reduces tiredness to the barest minimum. Short nap between 10 - 25 minutes would help boost your energy during the day tremendously. Anything above 30 minutes of sleep during the day might cause you to have difficulties sleeping early at night.

    5.) Ever Heard Of Omega-3 Fish Oils?...

    For quite a long time now, omega-3 oils supplements have been consumed by men and women as a dietary supplement. Regular consumption of omega-3 oils (whether in its natural form or as a supplement), helps in increasing your mental alertness and vigor. In 2009, scientists at the University of Siena (in Italy) reported that participants who consumed omega-3 fish oil supplement (by the way... Omega Daily is a good omega-3 supplement that you should try... ) for 21 days showed improved mental alertness and they felt more energetic!

    6.) Go Along With Your Natural Body Rhythm!

    What I mean here has to do with what time of the day you have your highest energy. As for me, I work and perform best after 4 pm. So I am kind of like an "Evening Bird". If you wake up at 5.30 am and you are all set and ready to conquer the world... then you are a definitely a "Morning Bird".

    When you structure your activities around your daily energy pattern, life is a lot more enjoyable for you. I do not do energy consuming activities in the mornings... I will just sleep off the moment I decide to take a minute rest! So my demanding chores and tasks all fall after 4 pm. Your energy pattern is coded in your genes... so it is better to work with your own circadian rhythms and get the best from it. Schedule activities that would sap your energy at periods where you know that can handle them!

    7.) It Is Time To Burn Off The Excess Fat!

    Yea... the weight loss campaign is back again! We all know the benefits of being fit and slim but we do not put in the required effort to burn off excess fat. Guess what? Losing excess weight would increase your energy levels and physical stamina tremendously! This statement is a fact! Reducing the excess "baggage" on your body helps increase your vigor, improves your mood and gives you a lot more confidence.

    8.) Eat Healthy Meals More Often!

    Junk food is NOT meant for you! If you are above 30 years... avoid junk food like a plague! What you need to start doing is eating smaller healthy meals during the day and more frequently. Doing this assists your body in stabilizing its sugar level. Move away from refined sugars, they cause very noticeable fluctuations in your blood sugar. Instead you have got to go for whole grains and other complex carbohydrates that take longer to digest.

    Eating more does not give you the license to overeat! Weight gain becomes easier as you grow older so maintain balance... and also exercise (I definitely need to repeat that again!)

    9.) Begin Using A High Quality Anti-Aging Supplement!

    There are so many so called anti-aging products in the market right now, but these products are all about reducing wrinkles only. However HGH releasers are completely amazing! The way this kind of supplements work is that they naturally stimulate your body to produce more human growth hormone (HGH).

    HGH is a substance that plays a huge role when it comes to delaying aging... and as we both know two of the signs of aging are; low energy levels and reducing physical stamina. After a few months of use, you would experience increased energy levels and a higher libido.



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