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9 Things Only A Medical Student Will Understand

Discussion in 'Medical Students Cafe' started by Abeera Sarfraz, Sep 1, 2019.

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    9 Things Only A Medical Student Will Understand

    1. You begin to speak in medical language.
    You learn new words every day and start to implement them but the people around you get weirded out by your alien language. Where as you think it's cool to use words like deltoid muscle, brachial artery, glossopharyngeal nerve and the list goes on.

    2. Mbbs degree aside, we sure get a degree in cancelling plans.
    You definitely deserve an award at how good you are at canceling plans with your friends or a date night because you have an exam or the assignment is due what not.

    3. You diagnose yourself with a new disease that you just studied.
    Being a medical student and learning about new diseases and syndromes every single day, how fascinating! But applying those symptoms on themselves is a specialty of the medical students which isn't fascinating at all. Imagine diagnosing yourself with some rare chronic illness on the basis of symptoms you just studied.

    4. Talking to your non-medico friends just got a lot harder.
    Whenever you are out with your friends, you tend to talk about the new disease you studied or the successful diagnosis you made while your friends are busy talking about their crushes, dating lives or the latest movie they plan on watching.

    5. All your school mates are settling in their lives and you are making notes for your next assignment.
    Either your friends are getting married or are having kids basically settling in their beautiful lives and you just sit in your room and have several mental breakdowns while completing your assignments.

    6. Non-medicos may not understand what the “nightshift” really means.
    Thinking about staying up all night long in a hospital gives chills, so a Nightshift is huge nightmare for every medical student. But taking short power naps at literally any place– standing against a wall, in the bathroom or on a free patient’s bed is what keeps them going through the night. Also, your fantasy of coming up with a diagnosis of a difficult scenario overnight doesn't really come true in the real world that thing just happens in the movies.

    7. Your barren love-life.
    You know you are a medical student when the closest to romance you can get is by the textbook 'Bailey and Love' while the people your age read 'Forty Rules Of love'.

    8. You have literally forgotten what being well-rested means.
    After studying for hours and hours and when you try to recall you become the Jon Snow of medicine.

    9. Never getting grades despite pulling the all-nighters.
    Despite the all-nighters, your non-medico siblings who study less, get better grades than you.


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