9 Things Skinny People Have in Common

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    1. They stop eating at 8 p.m.

    Thin people never eat late at night. They have a normal but not oversized dinner and that's it. They go to bed a little hungry and don't think about eating until the next morning.

    2. They go to bed.

    When we're super tired that's when we eat the most. We reach for calories to give us energy when we're tired. Get on a good schedule where you go to bed early and wake up early. Get between 7 and 9 hours of sleep a night, depending on how much you require.

    3. They worry or they don't worry.

    This is a hard one because some people (including myself) lose weight when they're worried and stressed and some people gain weight. However, it's always best to keep your eating habits on a regular schedule to stay slim and avoid fluctuating.

    4. They splurge.

    To some degree, skinny people eat what they want. In order to avoid worrying about food all the time, you have to listen to cravings. Skinny people have sweets, french fries, and a glass of wine and they don't waste time worrying about it afterward.

    5. They stay hydrated.

    The body is almost 60 percent water and thin people realize that in order to be thin, this part of the body needs to be replenished constantly. In a study of 173 overweight women, those who drank 1 liter of daily lost five extra pounds over the course of a year.

    6. They don’t ever eat their full meal at restaurants.

    Regularly eating at restaurants, with all the oversized servings and added oil and fats is bad enough, but eating your whole meal never equals skinny.

    7. They eat whole grains.

    In one study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, researchers found that participants lost more body weight when they added whole grains to their diet. This isn't surprising because whole grains fill you up, they keep your blood sugar level, and they help your digestive system work effectively.

    8. They drink wine.

    Women that drink moderately tend to weight less according to a study reported in The New York Times. "The link between consumption of red wine and less weight gain was particularly pronounced in the Archives study. Some studies have suggested that resveratrol, a compound present in grapes and red wine, appears to inhibit the development of fat cells and to have other antiobesity properties."

    9. They don't think about food.

    Thin people don't think about food when they're not eating. They enjoy their meal and eat until satiated but they don't dream about the next meal.



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