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9 Unusual Weight Loss Tips

Discussion in 'Dietetics' started by Egyptian Doctor, Feb 25, 2013.

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    A few decades back, losing weight among overweight people seems a herculean task. Made possible by lack of knowledge and the misconception that lifting weight and working your bones to the hardest level you can imagine is the only way to lose weight, the principles and ways of losing weight have become very much improved and simple thanks to today’s research, science, encouragement and motivation. There are simple daily activities that you can tweak and change to challenge your muscles and keep you body in motion. These are golden weight loss tips that you can implement easily, with or without the presence of gym equipment or weights.

    The path to weight loss starts at home. Your resting place and refuge itself can be your very own weight loss den. There are several things that you can do in order to add challenges to usual activities at home and they are as follows.

    1. Cleaning the cabinets as well as the dusts off your shelves can be a great workout for your chests, biceps, triceps and to your shoulders. Due to the repeated use of the muscles of the arms and the chests as you dust off your shelves, this is certainly an unusual workout that you can do at home. This activity cuts off calories from your system. You can also add challenges to your home cleaning activity by cleaning the ceiling, the bathroom or throwing the thrash bag.

    2. Technology provides us with enough ease when it comes to cleaning our home. However, setting aside the vacuum cleaner helps you burn fat and shed weight. Another one among the weight loss tips is cleaning or scrubbing the floor with your hands and feet. This activity burns off approximately 275 calories. In addition to that, scrubbing the stubborn dirt off the floor is a good arm workout, with additional core training when you are on your knees. The back and forth motion mimics the repetitions during your weight training and as quite similar when performing sets to failure duringyour arm workouts. It is also a good workout for your legs.

    3. Moving your household items is also a great total body workout. This total body workout involves the shoulders, the legs, the lower back, your back and the core. In fact, this activity staves off 500 calories. However, take note that this movement requires proper body mechanics in order to avoid injury when lifting heavy objects from the floor.

    4. At home, try to eliminate high caloric foods and sugary foods from your fridge and replace them with fruits, vegetables and other healthy foods. Keeping unhealthy foods out of your sight and off your fridge means a higher means of avoiding them.

    5. Instead of using your car to buy some diapers on the next mart, you might as well use a bike or take a walk to the store. Walking, running and jogging are great cardio activities. These activities develop the tonicity of the thigh muscles and the arms. Furthermore, using proper form when walking delivers core training. Proper jogging or running states that you must keep your head up high by looking straight ahead, your arms on your sides, flexed 90 degrees and your body straight by bracing your abs. proper technique when doing the said activities becomes more challenging as you try to maintain proper form.

    6. Take your pet outside. Walking your pet dog a few blocks or around the whole neighborhood helps also in burning fat thereby leading to weight loss as well. The resistance caused by your dog when walking as it tries to go on its way, is a great arm and core exercise, it is even advised by some body builders, weight loss enthusiasts and athletes. Your grip is also strengthened as you maintain a firm grip to keep control of your pet dog throughout your walk. Start with large pet dog, then to two as your progress through this exercise.

    7. Another unusual activity suggested by experts is by walking or jogging backwards. Jogging backwards burn calories, develop cardio endurance and most of all, trains reaction time and trains your reflexes. Unusual as it may seem, it is still best to perform this workout in an open field free of debris and vehicles to avoid unusual accidents.

    8. The work place can be a good place to increase your activity levels. When searching for a parking space, why not try to park a few meters off your entrance. This will ensure that you will burn some calories as you walk from the parking area to your office. And instead of using the elevator, take the stairs as this is a great leg exercise, cardio activity and an efficient calorie burner.

    9. Performing push-ups during your break time is also a great idea to help you stay awake should the afternoon slump hit you.

    So these are the simple weight loss tips that will be of great help for your weight loss goals. These activities are equipment free and safe you can do them at home, at work and even on the road during your leisure activities. They also make your time worthwhile as you can include these activities during your work breaktime or when simply cleaning your house.

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