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A rare virus sickens 14 babies in Kansas City area

Discussion in 'Microbiology' started by Hala, Aug 14, 2014.

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    Health authorities on both sides of the state line are investigating infections among 14 Kansas City area infants with a virus that can cause meningitis, as well as widespread inflammation, serious enough to require intensive care.

    The condition of the infants was not immediately available, but many have had to be hospitalized.

    Cases began in June and were first reported to the Kansas Department of Health and Environment by Shawnee Mission Medical Center.

    Additional cases have been reported by Children’s Mercy Hospital.

    Although many human parechovirus infections are mild and have few or no symptoms, they can cause diarrhea, vomiting and respiratory illnesses. The infections are most common during the summer.

    HPeV3, in particular, has been associated with central nervous infections resulting in meningitis in newborns. The virus also can cause a severe inflammatory response by the body’s immune system, leading to fever, irritability, seizures and rash.

    None of the Kansas infants has died, but all have required hospitalization, Rosenow said. Information about the Missouri infants was not immediately available from the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services.

    Rosenow said KDHE is trying to determine whether there have been HPeV3 infections at other health care facilities. KDHE is working with the Missouri health department, Shawnee Mission Medical Center, Children’s Mercy Hospital and the federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.



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