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An alternative technique to tracheostomy

Discussion in 'General Surgery' started by prof-shakeel, Feb 8, 2014.

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    In I205 a young 18 years old girl was admitted to rhe medical department in our hospital with the diagnosis of status asthmaticus, she was transferred to the intensive care unit. The patient was unconcious, , shocked, with vigrous cough and audible harsh weeze. An endotracheal tube was inserted with positive presure breathing and intravenous fluids.I was called to perform tracheotomy to her.when I arrived I started to think in any other less invasive method that can help the patient to breath instead of the traumatic tracheostomy. I remembered a solution prepared by an anesthesiologist when I was preparing for the PhD degree in Cuba . Immediately I started to prepare it in the following way :
    1. Ampiclox solution 2cc : An antibiotic
    2. Salbutamol solution 2cc : A bronchodilator
    3. Mercury chrome solution 5 drops : Pulmonary antiseptic
    4. Heparn solution 8 drops : A mucolytic

    All these solutions were put in a nubilizer, and then I connected the nubilizer to the positive pressure ventilator connected to the patient, and the patient was allowed to inhale this solution.

    After exactly 20 minutes the patient coughed strongly and expectorated about one liter of disolved mucopus, she was awakened and pulled out the endotracheal tube.
    The patient was nice, and discharged two days later. Thanks to God for helping the patient.

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