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Are Doctors Well Paid?

Discussion in 'Doctors Cafe' started by Egyptian Doctor, Oct 10, 2017.

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    It is general question that we can’t find an answer for it easily because doctor’s salaries change between countries and specialties.

    For example average annual doctors salary in United Kingdom is 150.000 US$, Canada is 161.000 US$, Belgium is 188.000 US$, USA is 230,000 US$, that increases to 247.000 US$ in Australia and 253.000 US$ in Netherlands.

    Also average doctor’s salary range is very wide even in the same country but with different specialties for example neurosurgeons and transplantation surgeons are paid double salary of psychiatrists and GPs.

    Also doctors salary changes according to the city, for Example in United Arab Emirates average doctors salary in Dubai is 102.850 US$ which is much higher than other cities in Emirates.

    On the other hand doctors salary in countries like Egypt is just 1.400 US$ and in Cuba is 600 US$ so doctors salary there may be less than what a doctor gain in USA or Canada in just 1 week.

    So yes doctors are well paid in some countries but not all countries, doctors are well paid in some specialties but not all specialties.


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