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Average Salary Of Doctors In Mexico.

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Sandra Pierina Lopez, Nov 1, 2019.

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    The medical career is one of the most sacrificed and demanding careers, worldwide, but does not mean that it is the best paid. In Mexico, it is ranked 11th among the best paid professions nationwide and in at least 18 entities it is the first or second with the highest income.

    The average salary of a general practitioner in Mexico is $ 120.000 pesos per year or $ 61.54 pesos per hour. Physicians who occupy positions of basic or more experienced hierarchy receive $ 180.000 a year. Doctors in Mexico earn an average of 12.149 pesos per month, level of income that is among the highest paid careers.

    According to data from the Labor Observatory of Mexico, medicine is one of the careers that have the largest number of employees in the country, occupying the number seven position, with 238.631 people working in this sector, being below the career of business administration 852.101, accounting 716.694 and laws 706.050.

    The states where doctors receive the highest income are:

    Baja California Sur 22.354 pesos; Coahuila 21.967 pesos; San Luis Potosí 19.030 pesos; Yucatán 18.555 pesos, Aguascalientes 17.960 pesos per month.

    On the contrary, in the states with the lowest income, they are the states of:

    Guerrero 11.213 pesos, Morelos 11.076 pesos, Tlaxcala 10.940 pesos, Tabasco 10.650 pesos and Veracruz 10.452 pesos monthly.

    Almost always the efforts are rewarded; in this case the doctors who have made some specialization are those who receive the best income:

    25% of specialists earn more than 600 thousand pesos a year.

    Another 25% of them earn between 400 thousand and 599 thousand pesos.

    30% earned an annual gross salary between 200 thousand and 399 thousand pesos.

    And only 20% will earn less than 200 thousand pesos annually.

    General practitioners who have not yet completed specialties receive lower income:

    Only 15% of general doctors receive more than 600 thousand pesos a year, 22% earn between 400 thousand and 599 thousand pesos, 38% obtain an annual gross remuneration between 200 thousand and 399 thousand pesos and 24% earn less than 200 thousand pesos.

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