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Be It Black Or White Fungus, Sugar Control Is The Key: Doctors

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Mahmoud Abudeif, May 26, 2021.

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    Nagpur has reported four cases of ‘white fungus’ or Candidiasis in last two days in Covid-19 recovered patients. While these are only the known cases of the infection, the real number could be even more.


    Mucormycosis known as Black Fungus in common terms is already creating havoc in Central India, and now, the new infection has also been detected in city. Expert doctors said that be it black or white fungus, the best way to stay away from them is sugar control.

    “People with Diabetes have slightly dampened immune systems, meaning they already have an elevated risk of contracting fungus. Covid-19, which worse-affects people with diabetes, increases that risk even more. And then there are steroids, a medicine that can dampen the immune system,” said endocrinologist Dr Himanshu Patil.

    Both white and black fungus infections are caused by fungi called ‘mucormycetes’ which are present in the soil, plants, and manure.

    According to experts, the white fungus infections don’t show visible symptoms like Black Fungus. They form acute effects on the lungs and other body parts. Many times, patients show Covid-19 like symptoms but their RT-PCR test results are negative. Their CT scan shows severe lung damage which is not due to Covid, but due to white fungus which can cause damage to organs.

    “People either develop this infection while recovering from Covid-19 infection or during Covid treatment. The commonality is that they are all diabetics,” said Dr Jayant Kelwade, endocrinologist of Alexis hospital, where his job is to keep the sugar level of admitted Covid-19 patients under control.

    “You can protect yourself from getting this infection by keeping your sugars tightly controlled during Covid infection, checking sugars more frequently, using mask consistently, and maintaining personal hygiene. Steroids for Covid treatment should be used judiciously and strictly under doctor’s supervision,” he said.
    As patients cannot visit doctors frequently after recovering from Covid-19 due to their home quarantine rules, the doctors also suggested some home tips to keep a check on sugar.

    “It’s difficult to do heavy work out due to post Covid weakness. But exercise such as walking and lifting light weights is important to diabetes management. It can help you achieve a healthy weight, which can improve your blood sugar control,” said Dr Himanshu Patil.

    Maintaining immunity is the most important point for post-Covid patients as fungus takes opportunity if immunity is lowered.

    “While there’s no magic pill to boost immunity, you can make choices each day to improve your health — and thereby improve your immune system. Wear masks at all times when visiting construction sites. Choose attire that does not expose your skin to the soil when gardening or handling soil or manure,” Dr Patil added.

    Doctors also suggested visiting ENT specialists on experiencing any symptoms like sinusitis.


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